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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In April the Orange County Register revealed that human tissue banks, which are widely believed by the public to be either government or nonprofit operated, are actually highly profitable commercial concerns, with annual revenues of $500 million and rising. Today a donated cadaver brings up to $200,000 to tissue banks and their contractors. […]

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Black Beauty

Cathal Coughlan Black River Falls (Cooking Vinyl) By Rick Reger One of the most apt terms ever applied to Irish-born singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan is “churl.” He leads a side project called Bubonique and entitled one of its records Trance Arse Vol. 3. He’s fond of song titles like “Ray of Hope, Hoe of Rape” and […]

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Police Scanner

Tuesday, April 25, 10:45 AM Dispatcher: Hey, got a lady getting naked in the middle of the street, Moffat and Kedzie, Kedzie and Moffat. 1421: OK. Dispatcher: 434? 1434: I’m clear. You want me to assist 21 or whatever? Dispatcher: Yeah, you could join the rest of the district. 1434: Just to help 21–usually those […]

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Percy Strother

PERCY STROTHER Born in Mississippi in 1946, bluesman Percy Strother lost both parents while still a boy and took to the road, preferring to drift from job to job rather than endure life in an orphanage. His father had taught him a little guitar, but it wasn’t until he settled in Minneapolis, his current home, […]

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David Kodeski’s True Life Tales

Onstage David Kodeski has a disarming looseness, an honest, likable simplicity that makes even folksy performers like Spalding Gray seem forced and fake. But don’t be fooled by Kodeski’s candor. His monologues are not tossed together–they’re the result of months of thought and research. Doris is condensed from what must have been hours of interviews […]

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Savage Love

My husband and I are passionately in love. Our sex life is truly amazing. Our problem: As far as I’m concerned, he is obsessive about collecting sexual material. He continually purchases all kinds of porno magazines. He keeps a photo album of us (which he claims he looks at most frequently) and also has a […]

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Chris Heim’s Dirty Laundry

[Re: Post No Bills, April 14] WBEZ has assiduously dismantled a knowledgeable staff of great DJs (Neil Tesser, Steve Cushing et al) and replaced it with a tasteless stew of corporate mush, a perfect diet for a soulless didactic academic such as Davey Kemper [Letters, April 28]. Mark Ruffin has consistently shown a superior knowledge […]

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Silver Images Film Festival

Presented by the Chicago-based documentary production and distribution company Terra Nova Films, the Silver Images Film Festival continues Friday through Sunday, May 12 through 14, at Ann Sather, 929 W. Belmont; Atlas Senior Center, 1767 E. 79th St.; Bethany Hospital, 3435 W. Van Buren; the Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., and Trinity Hospital, […]

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Anarchist Film Festival

Presented by the Autonomous Zone and Columbia College’s Latino Alliance, the Anarchist Film Festival runs Friday through Sunday, May 5 through 7, at Women in the Director’s Chair Theater, 941 W. Lawrence, and Columbia College Hokin Center, 623 S. Wabash. Suggested donation is $7 on Friday and Sunday, May 5 and 7, and $5 on […]

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The Real Second Amendment

Editor, Those who champion the all-American “right” to carry guns everywhere never cease to amaze me with their odd arguments. The April 14 letter which claimed that “2.5 million times each year . . . law-abiding citizens successfully use handguns” is one example. Simple math underscores the vapidity of these “facts,” as this equates to […]