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Femme Fatalities: Four One-Act Plays by Women

FEMME FATALITIES: FOUR ONE-ACT PLAYS BY WOMEN, Stockyards Theatre Project, at the Performance Loft. It’s unlikely that the most dramatic moment on opening night will be replicated: while a baby cried, two women engaged in a terse discussion ending in stony silence. Unfortunately, it happened in the audience during intermission. These four one-act plays (if […]

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Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse Presently there’s a lot of god-awful music coming from the sensitive indie kids’ corner of rock (some people call it “emo”), so I don’t blame anyone whose first instinct is to dismiss Modest Mouse. Hell, I consider myself a fan, and front man Isaac Brock’s pained earnestness still gets on my nerves from […]

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Fragments: Jerusalem

Photographer, archivist, and filmmaker Ron Havilio views his family history through multiple lenses: the political history of Jerusalem, where he was born in 1950 and where his family has lived for centuries, and the history of photography and the art of documentation. His 358-minute documentary (seven chapters split into two cycles of 164 and 194 […]

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PSST! (A Living Toon Show)

Pssst! (a living ‘toon show), Push&Shove Inc., at Stage Left Theatre. Remember when clowns wore big, baggy clothes, made funny faces, and chased one another in circles until they got dizzy and flopped to the floor like rag dolls? In other words, when clowns behaved like children playing at being grown-ups? The zanies in Pssst! […]

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TRG Music listings

Music listings are compiled by LAURA KOPEN and RENALDO MIGALDI (classical, fairs and festivals) from information available Tuesday. We advise calling ahead for confirmation. Please send listings information, in-cluding a phone number for use by the public, to Reader Music Listings, 11 E. Illinois, Chicago 60611, or send a fax to 312-828-9926, or send E-mail […]

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Singular Success

A Raisin in the Sun Goodman Theatre What Use Are Flowers? Duncan YMCA Chernin Center for the Arts By Adam Langer This May seems to have become unofficial Lorraine Hansberry Month. Goodman Theatre is reviving her classic A Raisin in the Sun while the Duncan YMCA Chernin Center for the Arts is investigating some intriguing […]

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American Beauty

Negative Space Rating *** A must see Directed and written by Chris Petit With Robert Mitchum, Manny Farber, Dave Hickey, and (as narrator) Petit. By Jonathan Rosenbaum There aren’t many films or videos about film criticism, especially ones that perform the actual work of film criticism. An interesting and ambitious exception is Chris Petit’s Negative […]

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Goodnight Children Everywhere

GOODNIGHT CHILDREN EVERYWHERE, Organic Theater Company. Set in 1945, Richard Nelson’s play tells the story of three sisters living in a London flat whose lives are disrupted when their 17-year-old brother returns home. Vi is an ambitious but unsuccessful actress, Betty is an old maid in training, and Ann is a depressed, neglected, pregnant housewife. […]

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Silver Image Film Festival

Presented by the Chicago-based documentary production and distribution company Terra Nova Films, the Silver Images Film Festival continues Friday and Sunday, May 12 and 14, at Ann Sather, 929 W. Belmont; Atlas Senior Center, 1767 E. 79th St.; Bethany Hospital, 3435 W. Van Buren; the Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr.; and Trinity Hospital, […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Inspired by the movie Fight Club, seven Brigham Young University students recently organized their own fight club, which draws as many as 300 spectators to watch college-age men pound each other into submission. Unlike in the movie, fighters use boxing gloves, and women constitute almost half the audience, according to an April Salt […]