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All You Need Is Cash

Small Time Crooks Rating ** Worth seeing Directed and written by Woody Allen With Allen, Tracey Ullman, Elaine May, Tony Darrow, Hugh Grant, Jon Lovitz, Michael Rapaport, George Grizzard, and Elaine Stritch. By Jonathan Rosenbaum Small Time Crooks is Woody Allen’s 29th feature in 31 years. I don’t think it would be much of an […]

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FRIDAY 5/19 – THURSDAY 5/25 MAY By Cara Jepsen 19 FRIDAY “We have not only professional circus performers on our staff, but we also have some incredible talent within our classes,” says Actors Gymnasium cofounder Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi. “We were feeling like we were wasting a lot of talent by not putting a troupe together.” The […]

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The Pitchfork Disney

The Pitchfork Disney, Trap Door Theatre. The imagery and imagination in Philip Ridley’s script are intriguing, but in the hands of the Trap Door ensemble his work becomes truly enthralling. This 100-minute play takes us by the throat and doesn’t let go until we too have felt the fear haunting Ridley’s characters. As the play […]

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It’s fitting that the most existential of plays should function as a kind of test, and fortunate that the first Michael Almereyda picture to get full mainstream exposure should also turn out to be his best to date. But what’s being tested isn’t either Shakespeare or Almereyda but the present moment: that is, the film […]

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Art People: a prisoner’s escape

Jonathon Romain says he emerged from seven years in prison “untarnished.” But his paintings–many of them powerful depictions of black men, women, and children in a state of meditation or contemplation–are shaped by his experiences serving time. The works are representations of the inner strength the artist needed to turn his life around in prison. […]

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Green Velvet

GREEN VELVET Dance artists and DJs tend to have personae aplenty–one for each mild stylistic variation–but they don’t often have much personality. Chicago techno auteur Green Velvet (aka Curtis A. Jones, who uses the name Cajmere for his house-related projects) is a giant, glaring exception. Pairing hilarious, borderline insane monologues with lean, hard, propulsive beats, […]

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PRYSM Depending on who’s listening, the piano trio is either one of the most versatile settings in jazz or one of the most exhausted. The Parisian combo Prysm lends extra credence to the former assessment, taking advantage of the format’s inherent flexibility in order to reshape its worn-out conventions. Pianist Pierre de Bethmann likes to […]

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Lonnie Shields

LONNIE SHIELDS Lonnie Shields’s 1992 debut, Portrait (Rooster Blues), mixed roiling funk and primal blues with enough polish to please fans of southern soul-blues and enough raw energy for the boogie-till-you-drop roadhouse crowd. But the guitarist and singer seems to have lost his sense of direction since then. Tired of Waiting (JSP), from 1996, paired […]

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The Sensitive Swashbuckler

The Sensitive Swashbuckler, at Stage Left Theatre. Billed as “late night sex role stereotype improv,” this piece conceived and performed by Gail Stern and Christian Murphy is theater with a conscience. Giving standard audience suggestions–a pickup line, a personality trait–an educational import, they delve into our fantasies about the opposite sex and illustrate how stereotypical […]