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Why Are You Out to Get Me?

Dear Albert Williams, Thank you for another public sandbagging [“Southern Exposures,” May 5]. And as for your criticism of my script: you never read it! Did it ever occur to you that theater companies add their own interpretations to a script? That often the playwright is stonewalled out of that process? Did you read my […]

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Live and Buzzing

Wire at Metro, May 10 By Brian Nemtusak I hate reunion shows, and not just for the profit-motive aftertaste. They confirm what a greatest-hits album suggests: that a once-vital thing is now officially a sterile artifact. What’s a “good” reunion show? A set of memory-lane classics, a digitally retouched snapshot of the band before their […]

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Savage Love

I read your recent column about a man having trouble incorporating BDSM into his marriage. I’m in a similar situation. In it, you wrote that men are more likely to be kinky than women. But I’m a woman, and I’m kinkier than my husband. I was a virgin until I was 22 and never had […]

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The Peter Problem

Dear Reader: I know that you’re the #1 Chicago arts weekly so you probably think all is well, but is Peter Margasak the best you can do? If he’s going to do a local music roundup [April 28], why spend 80 percent of the space telling me about bands he thinks suck? I’m not saying […]

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The Baritones

THE BARITONES, Noble Fool Theater Company, at the Royal George Theatre Center. From the cutups who created Flanagan’s Wake comes this fully improvised send-up of HBO’s The Sopranos. Relocated from New Jersey to Orlando, America’s favorite Mafia clan is now muscling in on the Mouse–and as in the real show, plot succumbs to character. Happily, […]

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Spot Check

THE CROSSING 5/19, CAFE EUTYCHUS The kind of music that makes the contemporary Christian charts usually just makes me wonder who the hell would give up a perfectly good life of sin to spend eternity listening to that shit. Still, the devil doesn’t get all the good tunes: those looking to spread the good news […]

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Babes in Arms

If, like me, you tend to think of musicals as brainless trivialities, spend an hour watching musical director Kevin Stites rehearse his cast for Babes in Arms. Analyzing a Lorenz Hart lyric as though it were the densest of Shakespearean sonnets, he unearths myriad complexities in seemingly straightforward numbers like “I Wish I Were in […]

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Too Hot to Handle

The Life Circle Theatre Schoolhouse Rock Live Too! Theatrebam at the Theatre Building By Jack Helbig Musicals get a bad rap. Call it a Pollyanna rap: the stereotype goes that musicals are concerned only with light, airy subjects and always end happily. It’s this conception that makes a parody of musicals like South Park: Bigger, […]

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City File

“We talk about agribusiness and corporate farming as something to be regretted,” muses environmental historian William Cronon in Illinois Issues (April). “If those farmers have the option of selling their land to a developer or selling to a neighbor with four farms–that [neighbor] is a corporate farmer–I’d have to say I’d rather have [the latter] […]