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Imitation of Life

Films by Janie Geiser By Fred Camper Janie Geiser’s exquisite short films are often inspired by doll-like figurines, typically decades old. But though she animates these figures and cutouts and other objects in her cryptic narratives, her work goes well beyond childish make-believe, as her four films (included in her program May 26 at Chicago […]

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Queen of the Roundup

Queen of the RoundUp, Sweetback Productions, at TinFish Theatre. The western used to be a staple of TV. But that era ended around the time Mel Brooks gleefully mocked all the genre’s cliches in Blazing Saddles. And nowadays we know too much about the dark side of westward expansion–the greed, the graft, the genocide–to believe […]

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Hero’s Sandwiches

Zenaida Lopez, one of the “local heroes” in a photo exhibit at Artemisia Gallery, was born in Puerto Rico. Her family moved to Humboldt Park when she was eight, and she’s been there virtually ever since. Seven years ago she opened Boriken Bakery on West Division Street, and it has become a gathering place for […]

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Randy Weeks

RANDY WEEKS A decade before there was a catchphrase for it, Los Angeles quietly developed a thriving country underground, which was documented on a series of compilation albums called “A Town South of Bakersfield.” The three volumes, released between 1985 and 1992, introduced artists like Dwight Yoakam, Rosie Flores, Jim Lauderdale, Lucinda Williams, and Dale […]

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Joe Lovano

Joe Lovano In the last few years Joe Lovano has recorded with fellow tenor saxophonists Joshua Redman and Flip Phillips–a skilled but overhyped 31-year-old traditionalist and a rabble-rouser in his mid-80s, respectively–and that alone demonstrates the tremendously broad territory he occupies in modern jazz. On Lovano’s 1994 Tenor Legacy (Blue Note) he plays the master […]

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TRG Music listings

Music listings are compiled by LAURA KOPEN and RENALDO MIGALDI (classical, fairs and festivals) from information available Tuesday. We advise calling ahead for confirmation. Please send listings information, in-cluding a phone number for use by the public, to Reader Music Listings, 11 E. Illinois, Chicago 60611, or send a fax to 312-828-9926, or send E-mail […]

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The Homosexual, or the Difficulty of Sexpressing Oneself

THE HOMOSEXUAL, OR THE DIFFICULTY OF SEXPRESSING ONESELF, Trap Door Theatre. There’s no center, moral or intellectual, to this pitch-black comedy by Argentine playwright and designer Copi. A mishmash of gross-out grotesqueries and absurdist satire full of manic panic, The Homosexual deconstructs the sex drive by reversing genders, expectations, and logic. As such it’s an […]

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Shanghai Noon

An irreverent imperial guard in the Forbidden City (Jackie Chan) has a crush on the princess. When she’s kidnapped, he tags along with the rescue party that’s bound for Nevada to pay her ransom. In the desert he matches wits with an outlaw whose luck–good and bad–rivals his own (Owen Wilson) and becomes a grudging […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Scripps Howard News Service reported that Cincinnati animal-rights activists have protested to the local Catholic Archdiocese over a fund-raising game that involves placing a rat on a roulette-type wheel, spinning the wheel, and selling bets on which slot the rat will stagger to. At least one parish has vowed to continue the game […]