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Chicago Blues Festival 2000

After last year’s outpouring of complaints about the lack of big-name talent at the Chicago Blues Festival, the Mayor’s Office of Special Events has put together a heavy-hitting main-stage lineup that should help restore some of the respect journalists, musicians, and fans have lost for the free fest in recent years. Little Milton, the Gulf […]

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Groove Armada, Faze Action

GROOVE ARMADA, FAZE ACTION In many ways Vertigo (Zomba), last year’s album by British duo Groove Armada, is your typical UK dance full-length. It’s got all the usual strong points–“In My Bones” is subterranean, narcotized house, “Chicago” an anthem to the DJ elders, “At the River” a tongue-in-cheek chill-out–and some of the same weak ones, […]

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Tales of the Lost Formicans

TALES OF THE LOST FORMICANS, Wing & Groove Theatre. Constance Congdon’s wry, absurd tragicomedy assumes that the truth is not out there but right here, imagining a family of earthlings and their friends as seen through the eyes (or whatever) of extraterrestrials. And in their delightfully bewildered view, American culture takes on a saving strangeness. […]

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WHEAT To be honest, the very notion of a band that Spin has called “America’s answer to Belle & Sebastian” and that cites Air Supply and Supertramp as its benchmarks is enough to make me reach for my M-16. Indie pop’s marshmallow phase has already lasted far too long for my taste, and Wheat is […]

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Inner Workings

Agustin Portillo at Arte de Mexico, through July 8 Renee McGinnis at ARC, through June 24 By Fred Camper In late 1991 the now defunct World Tattoo Gallery hosted a wonderful exhibit, “Thrift Shop Art,” consisting largely of paintings selected by artist Jim Shaw for their cheap price and aesthetic quirkiness. It contained no great […]

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1776, Drury Lane Oakbrook. Don’t believe the marble statues: the men who gathered in a hot Philadelphia assembly room 224 years ago to sign the Declaration of Independence were flesh-and-blood sinners, hypocritical, shortsighted, petulant, petty–and possessed of a vision that changed history. This silly/stirring musical by Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone was first produced in […]

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Points of Pride

Angels Into Dust: The New Town Anthology Naked Will Bare Bailiwick Repertory By Justin Hayford In 30 short years Gay Pride Day has become as ahistorical and commercialized as Secretary’s Day: official “pride events” make it more and more difficult to understand what it is we gay people are supposed to be proud of. Little […]

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Nature and Nurture

Michael Solot reveals his true agenda in the final sentences of his review of John Colapinto’s book [June 2], when Solot asks whether Reimer has “any special insight into the feminine mind.” Since when is there such a thing as “a” feminine mind, some set of beliefs or feelings or attitudes or behaviors that all […]