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Dark Pony and Reunion

DARK PONY and REUNION, RowHouse Theatre. Outdoor theater often offers the noisy challenges of sirens, planes, junkyard dogs, and elevated trains–all nonnegotiable distractions in RowHouse Theatre’s Uptown backyard, where six very nice trees shelter a suitably small stage. Early works by David Mamet, these two terse but never cryptic one-acts focus on fathers and daughters. […]

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No One As Nasty

NO ONE AS NASTY, Victory Gardens Theatre. When a character shares the stage with an alter ego, the counterpart is often smarter, kinder, and funnier. Susan Nussbaum handily upsets this convention in her most recent play, presented as part of Victory Gardens’ Access Project. Janet (Lusia Strus) is a drily witty, erudite woman in a […]

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The Straight Dope

Some people believe that wearing a tinfoil helmet will protect them from mind-control rays (or other forms of secret coercion). But if their intent is to create a “Faraday cage” to protect the brain from intrusive electromagnetic rays, wouldn’t it be more effective to use something a little more solid–say, an infantry helmet? And even […]

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Driving a Bargain

DRIVING A BARGAIN, Overdog Productions, at the Athenaeum Theatre. Playwright-director Keir Graff strikes a consumer nerve in his portrayal of the endgame that’s accompanied every automobile sale since the the dawn of car dealerships. Would-be buyer Kevin Huntley (Reid Robinson) and down-on-his-luck car salesman Rod Austin (Robert Buscemi) square off in what escalates into a […]

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Obituary: John Nash Ott

“You know, in baseball you think that all science is eliminated: Newton’s laws don’t apply, everything else is separate.” Syd Thrift, vice president of baseball operations for the Baltimore Orioles, waxes wry from a hotel room in Kansas City, where his team is in the midst of a three-game series with the Royals. Back in […]

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Friday 6/9 – Thursday 6/15 JUNE by MIKE SULA 9 FRIDAY Guests are invited to sing to and sign the birthday card for Affie, an 11,000-pound African elephant living at the Brookfield Zoo, who is celebrating the big three-oh today. At that age most pachyderms don’t mind putting on a few pounds, and her keepers […]

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Dust in the Wind

Hou Hsiao-hsien’s 1987 Taiwanese feature is less powerful than the preceding A Time to Live and a Time to Die (showing at the Film Center Tuesday and Thursday, June 20 and 22) but much better than his subsequent Daughter of the Nile (which isn’t included in the center’s current retrospective). It follows two young lovers […]

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TRG Music listings

Music listings are compiled by LAURA KOPEN and RENALDO MIGALDI (classical, fairs and festivals) from information available Tuesday. We advise calling ahead for confirmation. Please send listings information, in-cluding a phone number for use by the public, to Reader Music Listings, 11 E. Illinois, Chicago 60611, or send a fax to 312-828-9926, or send E-mail […]

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The Communal Balancing Act

In a recent review in the Times Literary Supplement, American sociologist and historian Richard Sennett examined the failure of socialism in the United States and argued that Americans seem to have a different take than people in England and continental Europe on collectivity itself. One reason he suggests for this difference—that slavery confused and perhaps […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In May Sunday school teacher Rob Vaughn debuted his Christian Wrestling Federation in Mesquite, Texas, with 12 grapplers (including “Apocalypse” vs. “Jesus Freak”) entertaining about 400 fans. Vaughn said the action is similar to that of mainstream pro wrestling, but without the profanity and sexual content. Another difference, according to the Dallas Morning […]

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The Purloined Menu

Zealous is spacious and monochromatic, backlit by translucent bays that emphasize the upscale airport lounge look. The flight attendants, in matching gray suits, are obsequious yet slow, presenting with grave earnestness the predinner “amusement,” which fits securely into a turbulence-resistant tray tabletop. The menu jets from cuisine to cuisine with alarming speed. Our attendant described […]