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The Purloined Menu

Zealous is spacious and monochromatic, backlit by translucent bays that emphasize the upscale airport lounge look. The flight attendants, in matching gray suits, are obsequious yet slow, presenting with grave earnestness the predinner “amusement,” which fits securely into a turbulence-resistant tray tabletop. The menu jets from cuisine to cuisine with alarming speed. Our attendant described […]

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Petty Crime

April 27, 12:15 PM, 1500 block of West Belle Plaine. Public indecency. Elderly man on church steps across street from high school track pulled open trench coat to reveal pants with hole cut in crotch and began fondling self. Girls in gym class attempted to ignore him. After 40 minutes, police arrived, chased man, and […]

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Witches & Devils

WITCHES & DEVILS The best reason to see Witches & Devils–wild-man reedist Mars Williams’s homage to visionary saxist Albert Ayler–used to be the band’s take on the unadorned folk-song melodies, extended harmonics, and guttural poetry of Ayler’s widely influential mid-60s work. But these days Williams so rarely performs with his blood brother Ken Vandermark–the former’s […]

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National Anthems

Super Furry Animals Mwng (Flydaddy) (International) Noise Conspiracy Survival Sickness (Epitaph) By J.R. Jones If you can’t understand the lyrics to Mwng, the fourth album from the UK’s Super Furry Animals, there’s a good reason: it’s sung entirely in their native Welsh. “I had a bunch of songs that were musically and linguistically coherent and […]

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Reading & Lectures

Listings are compiled by Heather Kenny from information available a week before publication. Admission is free unless otherwise noted. See Performance listings in this section for additional open mikes and spoken-word events. Sam Abell The National Geographic photographer presents a slide lecture and signs his book Australia: Journey Through a Timeless Land. Wednesday, June 14, […]

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Savage Love

I’m stuck in a mentally and sometimes physically abusive relationship with a total cunt. She’s whaled on me before in drunken rages; however, I’ve never hit her back because I just can’t hit a chick. But she’s only a cunt when she’s drunk, and that’s only some of the time. The rest of the time […]

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Big Apple Circus

Clowns used to be the worst part of circuses. Their Bozolike costumes, cliched slapstick routines, and manipulative attempts at pathos cast a pall over a rich tradition. To this day clowns are often reviled as lame or evil, even murderous. But over the past decade or so clowns have taken their art more seriously. Or […]

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The Actors’ Gang

I hear that LA is not the most hospitable town for theater. The cost of living is high. The audiences are sparse. And it’s hard to keep a good ensemble together for a full run–you never know when someone will be offered a plum role in a movie or sitcom. Still, when you have that […]

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Sonic Youth

SONIC YOUTH With the release of A Thousand Leaves (DGC) in 1998, Sonic Youth announced the end of their flirtation with the alt-rock mainstream; they returned to the noisier, more abstract music they’d played for most of the 80s, tempering it this time with an elegiac, meditative approach. The new NYC Ghosts & Flowers (Geffen) […]

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To the editor: It’s a bad thing to tell such a pathetic story at the cost of someone decent and well-intentioned [“All the Wrong Answers,” May 19]. Good teachers (correction: good people) are honest people, willing to share their gleanings and knowledge about such attainable ideals as truth and justice and beauty. Mr. Plecki, it […]