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The Straight Dope

Just when I thought that all I had to worry about was the Pakistanis with a nuke, I receive a letter telling me that jet contrails are killing me! The letter referred me to this site: I was aghast! I knew a bad set of entrails could mess you up, like eating a bloated […]

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Friday 6/16 – Thursday 6/22 JUNE by Mike Sula 16 FRIDAY Spanish painter Remedios Varo was the daughter of an atheist scientist father and strict Catholic mother. As a youngster she ran away from the convent where her mother had enrolled her in school and ended up hanging out in Madrid and Barcelona with all […]

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Chicago Underground Duo

CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO In interviews cornetist Rob Mazurek has occasionally talked about his notion of “total music,” an organic, uninhibited approach to jazz that sweeps up everything in its path, from bebop to African music to abstract electronica. With regular cohorts Jeff Parker (guitar), Noel Kupersmith (bass), and Chad Taylor (percussion), Mazurek has consistently employed […]

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The Miseducation of Dr. Laura

THE MISEDUCATION OF DR. LAURA, GayCo Productions, at Second City, Donny’s Skybox Studio. This evening of gay and lesbian sketch comedy starts with a bang. The seven-person opening number–sung to the tune of “Gee, Officer Krupke!” from West Side Story–lambastes not only overtly antigay “professionals” like Dr. Laura but a broad range of legitimate scientists […]

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Grant Park Orchestra

GRANT PARK ORCHESTRA The Grant Park Orchestra’s new principal conductor, Carlos Kalmar, is a 42-year-old Uruguayan of Austrian parentage who got much of his musical training in Vienna. He’s still very much an unknown, though he’s done a tour of duty with orchestras in Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Dessau and in this country has risen from […]