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Better Living

BETTER LIVING, Open Eye Productions, at A Red Orchid Theatre. Tucked deep in George F. Walker’s black comedy are a few moments of recognizable human behavior. But in keeping with so much contemporary playwriting, the rest of the work is so overwrought, portentous, and quirky that it may as well be set on another planet. […]

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The Straight Dope

I recently read a commentary that most recycling programs are a waste. Among the points noted were: no shortage of landfill space (another thousand years of garbage would only fill an area 35 miles square by 100 yards deep), double energy consumption and pollution (just preparing the recyclables can use as much energy and create […]

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My Heart, My President

In his solo show, New York-based writer, director, and performer Kestutis Nakas re-creates the crazy liberty of being home sick. Loosely based on Nakas’s memories of recovering from rheumatic fever, My Heart, My President centers around a single fateful day: November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated. Nakas recounts in loving detail everything that passed […]

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Friday 8/4 – Thursday 8/10 AUGUST By Cara Jepsen 4 FRIDAY The folks at the annual Oz Festival have gone all out to celebrate the 100th anniversary of L. Frank Baum’s penning of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in Chicago. Events this year include an Oz character look-alike contest, a performance of The Wizard of […]

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Bringing Up Babies

Cyber:womb Firstborn Productions at Chicago Dramatists Don’t Promise Stockyards Theatre Project at Breadline Theatre By Kelly Kleiman The choice whether or not to have children seems to be much on the public mind just now, most recently in the form of a New York Times Magazine cover story on the divide between child haves and […]

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Nature Containers

Ecologies at the David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, through August 27 Tobias Rehberger: The Sun From Above at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through first frost Olafur Eliasson at the Art Institute, through August 13 By Fred Camper In mainstream usage, environmentalism most often means preserving nature for our use, a view in […]

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Here Comes the Bride

Azita Youssefi has a reputation as an exhibitionist. A couple years ago she posed at O’Hare for the Lumpen spin-off Easy Listener wearing nothing but a pair of angel wings, and as bassist and front woman for the theatrical no-wave band the Scissor Girls, she performed in everything from a Catholic school uniform to a […]

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Time Bandits

Early Modulations: Vintage Volts (Caipirinha Music) By Jim Dorling Early Modulations: Vintage Volts is the second in a series of three CDs assembled by Caipirinha Productions in connection with Modulations, Iara Lee’s 1998 documentary about electronic dance music. The first disc, the official sound track to the film, loosely traces the evolution of electronica from […]