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Sexual Healing

Romance Rating *** A must see Directed and written by Catherine Breillat With Caroline Ducey, Sagamore Stevenin, Rocco Siffredi, and Francois Berleand. By Jonathan Rosenbaum I’ve never put much stock in my powers of prophecy, but it seems I was more off the mark than usual nine months ago when I emerged from the world […]

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Watch Their Language

Headline To whom it may concern: (Re: “The prepositionally challenged” item in Harold Henderson’s City File of October 22, 1999, which reads: “From a public-radio commercial repeatedly broadcast on WBEZ FM: ‘The Chicago Tribune offers insight, perspective, and understanding to the events of Chicago and the world.’”) I see what Harold Henderson means, and applaud […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories After questioning Stephanie Loudermilk about the death of her 28-year-old husband, Bryan, in June, police in Okeechobee, Florida, said in October that they believe he died accidentally in a sexual stunt gone wrong. Bryan’s body was found in a specially constructed pit covered with a board underneath a rear wheel of his sport […]

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Excerpts from Food & TV By Elizabeth M. Tamny The Kitchen Sessions With Charlie Trotter–It’s always good to see a cooking show from Chicago (with a vaguely Prairie School set and jazzy end credits, no less). I say this despite the fact that traffic in front of Charlie Trotter’s restaurant blocks the way to my […]

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Status Symbol Babies

Dear Reader, Thanks for the thought-provoking article “Building a Better Baby” [October 22]. I sincerely wish that anyone trying to conceive a child would read Dan Savage’s book The Kid. It seems to me that with all the technological options available, people don’t consider adoption very seriously, and I think this is a mistake. Aren’t […]

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John Corbett Goes on Record/A Passage From India/Rai Comment

John Corbett Goes on Record Over the last decade, writer, concert promoter, record producer, disc jockey, and educator John Corbett has had more influence than anyone on how Chicagoans learn about and experience experimental music. He’s chronicled the scene for numerous publications (including this one), cofounded and programmed the Empty Bottle’s acclaimed Wednesday-night jazz series, […]

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Petty Crime

October 1, 8:20 PM, 5000 block of South Lake Shore Drive. Theft. Officer questioned four teenagers he spotted breaking into car. “We weren’t stealing the car,” one said. “We were just stealing the tapes.” They were arrested. October 26, 10:50 AM, 2400 block of West Devon. Unlawful sale or possession of poison. Undercover officer entered […]

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Brad Mehldau Trio

BRAD MEHLDAU TRIO In the 40s, either by design or serendipity, tenor saxist Paul Quinichette played so much like Lester Young, aka Prez, that he was nicknamed “the Vice President.” And in the 50s every city seemed to have an alto man who’d learned Charlie Parker’s licks well enough to earn the name “Little Bird.” […]

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Call That A Review?

Subject: Stereolab review [October 29] You can’t even call what was published a review. There is only a brief mention of the contents of the record, which is of course used only to back the author’s criticism of the band and modern music in general. There is a lot more to find in that record […]

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Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now

PRE-PARADISE, SORRY NOW, Trap Door Theatre. In an age dominated by flat-footed realists it’s hard not to yearn for writers with dash and daring like playwright-filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Call him a nihilist, call him cracked–he was both, and a drug addict to boot–Fassbinder never bored his audiences with the predictable or conventional. Given the […]

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Asylum 137

Asylum 137, at Viaduct Theatre. A large roll of brown wrapping paper figures in the action, but the audience is not forced to flounder in paper as at Blue Man Group. The three zanies in this show are less interested in creating mayhem than in exploring varieties of clowning, from the broad big-top style predominating […]

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Bravo, Bruner

Thank you so much for your spotlight on Barry Bruner, art teacher at Whitney Young High School [October 22]. I started at Whitney Young in seventh grade and graduated in 1986. I had Mr. Bruner for art when I was a junior. I was one of the lucky ones. Whitney Young has always been a […]