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Get Ready

GET READY, ETA Creative Arts Foundation. As warm and wise as it was five years ago when it premiered at Victory Gardens Theater, this charming ensemble work by Joe Plummer, Debi Stewart, and the late Jaye Stewart follows the rocky road of the Doves, a 50s R & B harmony group. Eager for a comeback […]

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Freestylers Soundsystem

FREESTYLERS SOUNDSYSTEM Big beat is already the most kinetic branch of the house diaspora, but London’s Freestylers pride themselves on kicking it up a notch or two onstage. Their dedication to the good-time ethic has earned them props even outside the big-beat camp: before releasing their debut full-length, We Rock Hard (Mammoth), they were named […]

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The Real Thing

THE REAL THING, Court Theatre. This 1982 play about adultery among British literati is typical Tom Stoppard fare: dry, witty, mildly sexy, a bit dull, and way too pleased with its own cleverness. In a word, it’s the perfect play for Court Theatre’s audience of Hyde Park academics and U. of C. wannabes. Director Gary […]

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Both Sides Now

Hello, I just wanted to let you know I appreciated the story on the Palestinian exodus in 1948 [November 12]. Stories showing compassion and a keen understanding of the tragedy that is the loss of Palestine and the creation of Israel are rare to find. I commend the staff of the Reader and the authors […]

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Her Name Was Danger

Her Name Was Danger, Lookingglass Theatre Company, at Steppenwolf Studio Theatre. If Mike Myers could turn James Bond and his brethren into Austin Powers, why shouldn’t Lookingglass appropriate the 60s secret-agent sisterhood for its new “rock ‘n roll action thriller”? Conceived and directed by David Catlin, Her Name Was Danger parodies Modesty Blaise and The […]

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Reader to Reader

A friend writes: Pete Miller’s Steakhouse in Evanston is full on a Friday night. There’s a line at the door, and two young women in the dining room are having a salad and a baked potato between them. The manager approaches their table and informs them that she won’t ask them to move but the […]

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Marilyn Horne

MARILYN HORNE Mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne made her operatic debut 45 years ago in Los Angeles; this season, after a career that has secured her a place among the greats, she’s bidding farewell to classical music–though she’ll continue to give pop concerts and master classes. Dubbed the “star-spangled singer” by critic Harold Schonberg (she’s performed in […]

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Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, Orange Theatre, at Wing & Groove Theatre. A drama that requires its three characters to spend virtually all their time chained to a prison wall presents certain difficulties–an inescapable stagnancy and lack of physicality, a sameness of look, an almost imperceptible progression of scenes, an overwhelming bleakness. Yet Frank McGuinness’s […]

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Ian’s Dog & Pony Show

Ian Belknap lives on the border between two performing worlds. His act has a stand-up structure: he gets behind a microphone and spews funny shit. But his material is meaner, smarter, and more subversive than what your average Seinfeld-Leno wannabe spouts. And his ironic hipster (or is it faux hipster?) demeanor is closer to the […]

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Spot Check

DAN DARRAH 11/26, JOY-BLUE Singer-songwriter Dan Darrah holds down a regular Friday-night gig at this friendly little bar, playing funky modern hippie music to unwind from office work by–vaguely Cat Stevens-esque stuff with traces of salsa and hip-hop. On his self-released CD, Farina Dumplings, he plays guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboards, and some percussion, accompanied by […]