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Angus MacLaurin, Ribbon Effect

ANGUS MACLAURIN, RIBBON EFFECT On his recent album, Glass Music (Bubble Core), Angus Maclaurin constructs spooky ambient music using tuned glasses and a mess of reel-to-reel tape machines. Make no mistake: he may be touring the indie-rock circuit, but he’s no goofy hipster rubbing out “Jingle Bells” on a wine goblet. Maclaurin is a piano […]

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Baxter’s in the House

Dear editor: I just reread Mr. Rosenbaum’s long piece on Luis Buñuel [November 10] and wanted to let him know that John Baxter’s biography is indeed available in the U.S. I recently ordered a copy (for only $5.98 hardcover!) from Daedalus Books, a remainders catalog. They also have an on-line ordering service. Just wanted to […]

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Miss Julie

Miss Julie, Rising Sun Theatre, at Wing & Groove Theatre. Is Miss Julie a prototypical feminist or a bored debutante slumming? Is the servant Jean an abusive sexist pig or a poor boy with a lot to lose? And is their conflict based on gender issues–many call Strindberg drama’s arch-misogynist–or economic inequities? Whatever Rising Sun […]

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DJ Assault

DJ ASSAULT If you want to know where Detroit’s DJ Assault is coming from, in a nutshell, skip ahead to “U Don’t Know,” the 15th track on his latest mix CD, Off the Chain for the Y2K: Volume Six (Intuit-Solar). Over a beat thumping faster than a hopped-up kangaroo, a fuzzy, cartoonishly simple bass line, […]

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Beauty and Happiness

Dear editor: I was delighted to read the excerpt from Jonathan Rosenbaum’s upcoming book [November 17]. I couldn’t agree more with what he had to say about the state of film criticism. Much the same could be said about the state of filmmaking. What prompted me to write this letter was the letter written by […]

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Smarter Than the Average Bear

Lungfish Necrophones (Dischord) By Joe Gross Punk’s devotional element is a crucial part of its myth. Hell, it is the myth–after your first punk epiphany, you’re supposed to realize you’ve found the one true Way. Of course, in reality most punk bands can’t deliver three-chord transcendence on a consistent basis. Lungfish is one of the […]

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TRG Music listings

Rock, Pop, etc. concerts STEVE ANTHONY AND HIS BAND play “classic dance music” (Porter, Gershwin, Berlin, Rodgers and Hart). Mon 12/11, 12:15 PM, auditorium, Harold Washington Library Center, 400 S. State. 312-747-4818. BUCKINGHAMS Christmas concert. Fri 12/8, 8 PM, Mainstage, Harold D. McAninch Arts Center, College of DuPage, 425 22nd St., Glen Ellyn. 630-942-4000. CANADIAN […]

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The Maids of Wilko

Adapted from a short story by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, Andrzej Wajda’s bittersweet Chekhovian tale about a household of five sisters and the man they love unspools with all the languid grace of its landed gentry. Wiktor, who manages a monastery, pays a visit to the Wilko estate after an absence of 15 years; he’s been scarred […]

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Music Now

MUSIC NOW The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s showcase for new-music chamber works, the “Music Now” series, is slowly but surely moving into the 21st century. Every composer represented at this week’s season opener–from 85-year-old American iconoclast George Perle to Korean-born Unsuk Chin, youngest of the bunch at 39–is still alive, and two of the five works […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories A court in Council Bluffs, Iowa, will rule in early December on whether to admit “brain fingerprinting” evidence that might free convicted murderer Terry Harrington, who has been in prison for 22 years. Iowa psychiatrist Lawrence Farwell developed the technique, which he says measures brain activity following attempts to trigger memories; tests on […]