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Racist Baiting

By the time I arrived at the county courthouse in Skokie last Saturday, the Ku Klux Klan rally was in full swing. I counted more than 400 protesters and more than 100 police, some on horseback. I’d read that about 30 KKK members were expected, but I couldn’t see or hear them. They were near […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories New York doctors, proposing an unconventional remedy for diarrhea in the American Journal of Gastroenterology in November, surmised that sufferers might lack certain predator bacteria in the colon as a result of antibiotics use, and thus might benefit from a transfusion from a person with a normal amount of such bacteria. A stool […]

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Savage Love

I’ve been having the best time sending sleazy E-mails to a man I met through the personals. He lives three time zones away. He recently requested that I send him a pair of my well-worn panties. I said no, because I couldn’t stand the thought of him sniffing my dirty, crusty, skanky underwear. Well, I’m […]

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Full Disclosure

The Reader unforgivingly critiques the Tribune and Sun-Times each week with barely disguised glee in Hot Type (and deservedly so). With that in mind, I think Tori Marlan’s “Presumed Nasty” deserves the same treatment [December 15]. The headline and subheader of “Going up against adults, did they stand a chance?” displays a clear preference for […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Of Grammatology Derrida Cock-Horse None of these young Chicago hipsters had actually played instruments before entering the studio, but they planned to employ Pro Tools’ new “subtle, jazzy, evocative, futuristic, improvisational” plug-in to full effect. Due to a hard-drive error, though, what came out was scrambled fragments of tuning noises and Sean O’Hagan’s collection of […]

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Sports Section

The Bears have been an unusually difficult team to get a grip on this year. Though they embarked on the season optimistic about making the playoffs, optimism soon turned to despair. Yet if the Bears and their fans were despairing, they weren’t hopeless. While compiling a record of 4-11 going into this weekend’s final game, […]

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Year in Review 2000

YOU MUST READ THIS ISSUE! Hello, I’m Carol Marin. Welcome to the Reader’s Year in Review. This annual issue was once a model of the form, winning numerous national Year in Review awards. But as the years progressed, commercial considerations began to outstrip artistic ones, and the quality of our Year in Review faltered. We […]

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Spot Check

BLUE MEANIES, TOSSERS 12/23, METRO Billy Spunke says he had one goal for the Blue Meanies’ seventh album and major-label debut, The Post Wave (MCA), “and that was to actually sing.” That he does; on a few cuts, like the feel-good antiracist chant “All the Same,” he sounds like a cuter, twerpier Jello Biafra. Their […]