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Pinchas Zukerman

PINCHAS ZUKERMAN Violinist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman has been a fixture on the international music scene for decades, performing frequently with lifelong friends like Daniel Barenboim and Itzhak Perlman–Barenboim, in fact, conducted Zukerman’s Chicago Symphony Orchestra debut in 1970. But though he’s just as talented and charismatic as Perlman and has a similar core repertoire, […]

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The Boy in the Garden

Dale knows the route by heart–Illinois 33, angling across farmland to Mattoon, where I-57 stretches north to Chicago. “I can drive it with my eyes closed,” he tells his wife, Cassie. “Don’t do that,” she says. “I want you back in one piece.” They’re outside in the garden where the morning air is still and […]

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Fiddler on the Roof

At nearly three hours, this revival takes its time. But then life in the shtetl of Anatevka in 1905 moves at a pretty glacial pace, even if history is clashing with tradition. The future arrives in little things–taboos broken, rumors spread–as much as in czarist edicts, and that’s why the plight of Sholom Aleichem’s dairyman […]

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Girls’ Weekend

The bologna my dad is frying pops up in the middle and looks like four B-cup boobs. At least it does to me. But then a lot of things look like boobs–clouds, snack cakes, most citrus fruits. They’re pretty much everywhere. Although I’ve never seen the real thing. Just a lot of hints and near […]

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We are in love but you don’t know it. You are slow on some of these ordinary things; you grow angry when I mention liberation theology, Adam Smith’s unseen hand, proposals to ban land mines–things I thought everyone knew about, were in the atmosphere, but you are impervious to them, breathing your own mist. You […]

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Todd Herbert Quartet

TODD HERBERT QUARTET Young tenor man Todd Herbert left the Chicago area for New York in 1997, but in a city that draws so many talented aspirants it can take a while to make a splash. Despite his speed and confidence, Herbert has barely made a ripple so far in New York–to the best of […]

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TRG Music listings

Rock, Pop, etc. concerts CHEAP TRICK Sun 12/31, 10:30 PM, Star Plaza Theatre, I-65 and U.S. 30, Merrillville, Indiana. 773-734-7266 or 312-559-1212. COMMON GROUND Chicago Sport and Social Club party. Sun 12/31, 8 PM-2 AM, Park West, 322 W. Armitage. 773-883-9596. DARK STAR ORCHESTRA Fri 12/29, 6 PM (with opening act Keller Williams), Sat 12/30, […]

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West Side Lullaby

It’s after midnight and the streets are nothing but empty cabs. We’re driving in circles, jockeying for worthless positions, waiting for the smallest crumbs to fall. Mine’s a guy in a suit and tie who staggers out of a piano bar. If it wasn’t for drunks we’d probably all be on welfare. Laughter drifts from […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Las Vegas body modifier Nathan McKay, 24, complained in November about the difficulty of getting further surgery to prevent his already surgically forked tongue from fusing back together. McKay, who also has one-inch holes in his earlobes for holding ebony disks, explained, “I want my tongue split…as far back as possible, to the […]

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Savage Love

I just read your response to New to This in Canada, the girl who can’t get into giving blow jobs. How dare you say that “most people don’t enjoy giving blow jobs,” Dan?!? Most people I know love giving blow jobs, myself included, and here are some pointers for NTTIC culled from my years of […]

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Moving Day

We need an apartment. In six weeks—if the Farmer’s Almanac can be trusted—the lake ice will melt. That’s where we live, on the face of the lake, in a little one-bedroom behind a windbreak my husband made of wheelless shopping carts, forklift palettes, and burlap bags. The legs of the carts will sink right into […]

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Spot Check

NAKED & SHAMELESS 12/29, CHARYBDIS MULTI-ARTS COMPLEX; 12/31, GALLERY CABARET According to their bio, which is funnier than the little original material I’ve heard them do, this two-man talent-show act started out playing hotel bars in Indonesia as Simon & Pumpernickel. The sampler they sent me from their Step Da Fuck Back…It’s Naked & Shameless […]

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To Clothe the Naked

There was a wind that afternoon; it came straight off the lake and brought the chill factor down to zero. When Deidrich turned onto Jackson and saw the beggar his first thought was of his own good fortune–to be employed, married to a wise woman, warmly housed, and the owner of several damned good winter […]