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Pit Face

I worked in a fast-food fish place at Navy Pier when I was in college. There was this girl who also worked there named Briny, spelled like the briny deep on her name tag but pronounced Breeny, like beany with an R. I still thought of her as Briny like the briny deep, though. Most […]

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WRTE Pumps Up the Volume

WRTE Pumps Up the Volume For advocates of community radio, the federal budget legislation President Clinton is expected to approve before he leaves office is a Trojan horse. It contains a provision that, to the relief of the National Association of Broadcasters and National Public Radio, will transfer authority over standards for new radio stations […]

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Poet Farmers

Ruthie saw them first. She shaded her eyes with a hand and pointed at the dust kicking up along the front drive. Capes flapped behind as they walked and each one of them clutched a spiral notebook and pen. “Shit damn,” Ruthie said to Roy. “Looks like we got poets.” The leader, pale and pointy-nosed, […]

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Bev said she was taking a day for herself and I was delighted to oblige. She was no picnic when she wanted to be alone. She was out the door almost before I gave her my answer. I heard her car start and heard it stall because she never followed my advice to let it […]

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You don’t wake up one day a charted country, it happens slowly, in parts. But suddenly you notice that the once all-compelling mystery of your deepest holes has already been explored. The maddening desire and titillation you felt at being bared, licked, prodded where no one had ever been (or where many had been but […]

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Rattled by the Rush

S.M. storms around lower Manhattan remembering the trees at dusk, how they once looked caramel-dipped, during those months of light and merry, and how brightly the taffy clouds of morning glowed after he and his friends determined that nothing like parents or family mattered anymore; nothing; just candy. From that, what–frenzy? addiction? liberation? a decade […]

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Credit and Agency

In the law school library, harassed by coffee headaches and razor sharp paper edges, Roz would occasionally drift into a remembered scent–frangipani and pineapple rind, some rotting garbage amid the sweet–and every sense in her would mourn the end of her travels. Yet she recoiled when, studying on her boyfriend’s leather sofa instead of in […]

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Waiter Dreams

You’re on the top of a hill, wearing your black pants, black soft-soled shoes, black apron, and white shirt. You’re next to a station set up with a silver rectangular bucket of ice, plastic pitchers of water and iced tea, straws, sugar and artificial sweeteners, creamers, coffee warmers, stacked glasses, piles of napkins, and sliced […]

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Pinchas Zukerman

PINCHAS ZUKERMAN Violinist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman has been a fixture on the international music scene for decades, performing frequently with lifelong friends like Daniel Barenboim and Itzhak Perlman–Barenboim, in fact, conducted Zukerman’s Chicago Symphony Orchestra debut in 1970. But though he’s just as talented and charismatic as Perlman and has a similar core repertoire, […]

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The Boy in the Garden

Dale knows the route by heart–Illinois 33, angling across farmland to Mattoon, where I-57 stretches north to Chicago. “I can drive it with my eyes closed,” he tells his wife, Cassie. “Don’t do that,” she says. “I want you back in one piece.” They’re outside in the garden where the morning air is still and […]