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It’s A Man’s World

I find theater reviewer Erik Piepenburg’s comments that it is unfortunate that no teenage boys’ plays were picked as winners in the Pegasus Players’ Young Playwrights Festival to be somewhat disturbing. With only 13 women out of 100 senators in the U.S. Senate in 2001 being the record number for female senators, I feel that […]

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Bet You Didn’t Know That

Bet You Didn’t Know That, Chicago Sable Ensemble, at New Harrison Street Galleries Studio Theatre. Actor-director-playwright Gregory Christopher Armstrong spent two years at the Museum of Science and Industry playing coal miner, Titanic passenger, and others to personalize the exhibit stories. His evening of vignettes about obscure but remarkable African-Americans takes a similar form, with […]

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Sign of Neglect?

I’m not sure which category of ethical transgression the Reader committed in its front-page photo for the January 12 cover story on East Garfield Park, but whatever the case, it looks like someone over there got incredibly lazy. The photo does a swell job of capturing the neighborhood idyll sure to be trampled by the […]

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Savage Love

A couple of months ago you invited women to send in cunnilingus tips for straight guys. We’re still waiting for that column, Dan. What gives? Didn’t any women send in tips? –Straight Guy Anxious for Pointers Oh, women sent in cunnilingus tips, SGAFP. I got 500 letters from straight women with advice for men on […]

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Nice People Play Pool

I read your article on Don “Waterdog” Edwards with interest [January 12]. It is very well written and certainly captures the essence of how drugs can destroy a human life. But I am afraid that the article does both pool and Chris’s Billiards a disservice. I’m concerned that readers might infer that this is also […]

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Spot Check

EQUAL FOOTING/EARING 1/26 & 27, HOTHOUSE This interdisciplinary festival, which pairs Chicago underground musicians with prominent local choreographers and dancers, makes the natural connection between music and dance seem a little more natural than usual–for as boldly as local musicians leap over musical boundaries to collaborate with each other, this sort of cross-pollination is oddly […]

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Promises, Promises

The Auditorium’s “Ovations!” series specializes in concert versions of seldom revived musicals, and few musicals are more seldom revived than this 1968 Broadway hit, penned by songwriters Burt Bacharach and Hal David and playwright Neil Simon. Based on Billy Wilder’s 1960 film The Apartment, it tells the now undeniably dated story of a corporate climber […]

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Stacey Earle, Chris Mills

STACEY EARLE, CHRIS MILLS The first thing you’re likely to notice when you listen to Stacey Earle is her backwoods-babychild persona: she has a little-girl voice with a thick-as-cotton Texas accent, and she favors folky arrangements laced with willowy mandolin, crisp acoustic guitar, and the occasional whine of a lap steel. But as she proves […]

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City File

Crowning George II was the least of the Supremes’ mistakes, according to local attorney and novelist Scott Turow, writing in the Washington Post National Weekly (December 25-January 1). The real transgression was the way they did it. “Legal Realism, the dominant school of jurisprudence in the 20th century, recognized that when judges are free to […]