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Larry Coryell Trio

LARRY CORYELL TRIO The discography of Larry Coryell–at 57, still one of the most gifted and fascinating guitarists in American music–is almost as varied as his mercurial, muscular improvisations. In the past five years alone, his releases have ranged from a solid neofusion effort, Spaces Revisited (Shanachie), to an awfully good solo acoustic album, Private […]

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Around the Coyote Winter Festival

Around the Coyote Winter Festival This weekend’s winter festival, an adjunct to the annual fall Around the Coyote arts festival, features theater and performance in two Wicker Park venues: the Wing & Groove Theatre, 19351/2 W. North (the side entrance of the Flat Iron Building, 1579 N. Milwaukee), and the Northwest Tower, 1608 N. Milwaukee. […]

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Final Bow

Director John Berry got his big start as an actor in Orson Welles’s Mercury Theatre in 1937. Welles then introduced him to film in 1938 when he hired him as assistant director on a silent slapstick short made to accompany and introduce portions of the stage farce Too Much Johnson. (The farce never made it […]

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA A poster boy for 19th-century Romanticism, Berlioz liked to tackle big subjects and big passions: the birth of Christ, the Faust legend, the story of Romeo and Juliet. The Trojans, his two-part operatic adaptation of Virgil’s Aeneid, clocks in at four and a half hours total, and its harmonic structure and orchestration […]

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Restaurant Box

Just up the street from the California Clipper, FLYING SAUCER owners Rebecca Gleason and Atha Moe have given an artistic makeover to the space formerly occupied by Mary’s diner. To make the room a little less gritty, they’ve torn. out a dropped ceiling, ripped down paneling to reveal two arched windows, and painted the walls […]

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Feet, Get Movin’!

While I found much of Anne Smith’s letter regarding the sorry state of Ravenswood’s commercial options thoughtful and accurate [Letters, January 19], I have to point out some troubling points. Specifically, citing Lincoln Square’s amenities being eight blocks from her (too far to walk, not worth it to drive in her opinion), Smith doesn’t take […]

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LORAXX Yellville, the second album from the greatest power trio this town has produced since Shellac, is what some people would call an EP: its 11 tracks don’t even hit the half-hour mark. But not one of the brutal, elegant bursts of articulate rage is any shorter or longer than it needs to be, and […]

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In a Basement

In A Basement, Excaliber Shakespeare Company of Chicago, at New Harrison Street Galleries Studio Theatre. It’s where your parents store their unused exercise equipment. It’s where a new wife moves her husband’s bachelor-pad furniture. But to playwright-director L.C. Satterfield, the basement is a metaphor for the pathetic downward spiral of a human soul given over […]

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Darger, Schmarger

Dear editors: It’s fine that Michael Bonesteel is an enthusiastic supporter of the painter Henry Darger [“Secret Battles,” January 12]. Darger’s work is, initially at least, visually and emotionally compelling. But some would argue that after seeing about a dozen Dargers you’ve pretty much seen them all. What really grates, however, is Bonesteel’s absurdly elevated […]

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New-Trad Octet

NEW-TRAD OCTET Mardi Gras comes to Chicago early this year–New York-based alto saxist Jeff Newell usually books his New-Trad Octet into the Green Mill at the end of February, offering a blast of New Orleans-style revelry at around the same time the tourists head south to overrun Bourbon Street. A glassy-toned altoist and classy bandleader, […]

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Rebels Without an Excuse

To the editors: In his capsule review of Rebels With a Cause, a documentary on Students for a Democratic Society (January 26), Ted Shen writes that Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn “were driven underground.” They drove themselves there; they committed violent antisocial acts, and it is not unreasonable that their acts were also illegal or […]

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City File

Truant officers for parents. Collins High School outreach worker Deborah Michael is quoted in Catalyst (December) saying, “The initial response from many parents [of students who miss school] is: ‘I can’t do anything with my child.’ I look at them and say, ‘What do you mean you can’t do anything with them?’ I let them […]

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BELLRAYS There must be 100,000 black chicks in America who dream of being Tina Turner but can’t find a band, and 300,000 white dudes who dream of being the MC5 but can’t find a singer who can testify. Why all 400,000 of them haven’t managed to locate one another is beyond me–but at least four […]

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Down With King Richard!

Dear editor, I read your story “Easy Target” [January 5]. It made me so angry that the Mayor King Richard will not stop until he finishes what his father started. The residents of the west side are right when they say they are not being told the truth, and any politician that has dared to […]