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Between Doors

BETWEEN DOORS, Ravenous Productions, at the Athenaeum Theatre, through March 24. This trio of pieces curated by Joseph Ravens focuses on identity, transience, and stasis, with limited success. In the title piece, inspired in part by Charles Ludlam’s The Mystery of Irma Vep, Ravens creates a challenging premise and set for his cast of five. […]

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Mother of Misogyny

A Woman Without a Name Eclipse Theatre Company at the Chicago Cultural Center By Kelly Kleiman There’s a venerable tradition in philosophy and literature holding that everything that’s wrong–with everything–is the fault of Mom. Romulus Linney makes his contribution to this genre in A Woman Without a Name, in which he compares his protagonist, a […]

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Police Scanner

Tuesday, March 6, 11:40 AM Dispatcher: There’s a red truck with Elston Block Company on the side dropping large rocks from the rear of it. If you see anything, could you give us a code? 1434: Sure will. Isn’t Bush supposed to be in town? Dispatcher: Ten-four. Tuesday, March 6, 12:40 PM Dispatcher: 1431, I […]

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When Bush Comes to Shove

When Bush Comes To Shove, GayCo Productions, at Second City, Donny’s Skybox Studio. Despite the title and the worthy targets offered by our mixed-up times, there’s precious little genuine satire in this gay-themed troupe’s sixth revue. One ballad pays tribute to Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter, “stuck in a closet on Capitol Hill.” Other bits gently […]

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Bonnie and Clyde

BONNIE AND CLYDE, Bailiwick Repertory. Will Pomerantz, Christopher Eickmann, Andrew Herron, and Doug Ritchie wrote this musical saga of notorious gangster/ lovers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow for only two performers. But director David Zak has added five nonspeaking actors to play the Barrow gang; they loll about, scowl from time to time, and draw […]

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Spot Check

BLACK HALOS 3/23, EMPTY BOTTLE Like Frank Meyer of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Black Halos front man Billy Hopeless has been known to drop trou onstage; unlike Meyer, he’s foxy enough to get away with it. (Who said rock ‘n’ roll was fair?) In addition to their prurient appeal, these pouty boys from Vancouver do the […]

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Sean Bergin

SEAN BERGIN Amsterdam-based saxophonist Sean Bergin has led his 11-piece MOB (that stands for “My Own Band”) on and off for nearly 15 years, and its music has a delightful, ragged ebullience that makes it sound like a group of old friends getting together and taking apart some favorite tunes. Many of the MOB’s members […]

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Brilliant Traces

Brilliant Traces, Swing for the Fences Productions, at the Cornservatory. Dressed in a wedding gown, she’s driven 3,000 miles without stopping, and now she finds herself stranded by a snowstorm at a remote cabin in Alaska inhabited by another solitary refugee. Like her, he wants nothing more than to be left alone, but the storm […]

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Story Week Festival of Writers

The Columbia College fiction writing department’s festival, “Crossing Borders/Pushing Boundaries,” features readings, panel discussions, book signings, and conversations with local and national authors. The festival runs Monday, March 26, through Friday, March 30. Most events will be held at or near Columbia College, except for Thursday night’s activities at Metro. All events are free. For […]

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Emio Greco & PC

Dancer-choreographer Emio Greco and director-playwright Pieter C. Scholten are into mind-body dualism with a vengeance. They describe the duet Extra Dry–the only part of the trilogy “Fra Cervello e Movimento” (“Between Brain and Movement”) being performed here–as having a recurring motif, “the longing for a synchronised, unisono [sic] manifestation of mind and body, in defiance […]

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

There’s something supersize about everything this company does, as is readily apparent in the three new pieces I was able to watch on tape. Alonzo King’s wildly kinetic Following the Subtle Current Upstream, set to tabla music, both depends on and subverts his ballet training: the dancers establish their vertical axis only to violate it–shifting […]