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Lotta Melin and Shrika Urechko

Anyone who believes that folks from the northland are reserved or conventional should see Shirka Urechko’s 50-minute multimedia atavistic solo Pineappleheartofgoldpeacocks. Born in Flin Flon, Manitoba, to Ukrainian parents, Urechko has created a video backdrop for this piece that shows rippling water and a naked woman wallowing in mud; later, in a close-up, some black […]

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Andrew Bird Discovers Pop

Andrew Bird Discovers Pop In late 1999, Andrew Bird was preparing to record his third album for Rykodisc with his band Bowl of Fire when he decided it might be a good idea to plug into what was happening in pop music. “I made a big deal about walking into a record store and buying […]

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MIRROR Englishman Andrew Chalk and Germany’s Christoph Heemann, who’ve collaborated under the name Mirror since the late 90s, have been operating on the fringes of experimental music for nearly two decades. Heemann founded the early industrial group H.N.A.S. in the 80s and has worked with collagists and mod musique concrete practitioners like Nurse With Wound, […]

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The Princess of President Street

The Princess of President Street, Illinois Theatre Center. Deborah is struggling to preserve the historic apartment building in Brooklyn she owns with her father by winning it landmark status, something her two fun-loving sisters and moneygrubbing dad can’t understand. She feels tied to the building’s Jewish history, but they just want her to marry wimpy […]

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The Straight Dope

Hey Cecil, here’s one that’s been bugging me: Did Wile E. Coyote ever catch the Road Runner? I’ve seen one “sanctioned” cartoon by Warner Brothers where the Coyote has been shrunk and catches the Road Runner’s huge leg, but I’ve heard rumors of a cartoon where he actually catches and eats the damn bird. Supposedly, […]

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Pinetop Perkins with the John Primer Band

Pinetop Perkins with the John Primer Band Intergenerational blues summits are all too rare these days, especially between such well-matched musicians: pianist Pinetop Perkins, who’s 87, and guitarist John Primer, a relative youngster at 56, are both masters of the straight-ahead postwar Chicago style. His age notwithstanding, Perkins can still light fires: last year he […]

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Will Screen Go Blank

By Michael Miner Will Screen Go Blank? When Ruth Ratny hit bottom she pretended more amusement than she felt. “Shafted!” was the glib headline on the cover of her magazine last October. “SCREEN editor tells of harrowing elevator shaft dive and miraculous escape.” The story proper allowed that Screen had long thought of itself as […]

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Early Refund

The evening rush is on along Broadway in a near-constant flow that sounds more like white noise than cars. People walk past me, some coming out of the Berwyn el station. Along this stretch, Broadway and the el form both border and barrier between two distinct neighborhoods: To the west the largely white, affluent Lakewood-Balmoral […]

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Friday 3/30 – Thursday 4/5 MARCH By Cara Jepsen 30 FRIDAY “Sexual geography is a mental map that city dwellers and tourists form of sexual opportunities, enticements, and dangers in the city,” says Princeton University history professor Christine Stansell. The landscape started to change in the 19th century, when single men and women began converging […]

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The Sixteen

THE SIXTEEN Since conductor and musicologist Harry Christophers formed the Sixteen in Oxford, England, more than 20 years ago, he’s only had to dismiss two singers, even as the choir’s roster has grown from 16 to more than 20. He’s assembled a crew of quick learners with flexible temperaments and perfectly complementary voices, and his […]

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Quick Takes

Quick Takes Ina Pinkney is back after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, and she’s landed in the Randolph Street market district with the sprightly and eponymous ina’s. Brick walls are brightened with salmon trim and aqua wainscoting, and each table is topped with white butcher paper and a pair of wacky salt and pepper shakers from her […]