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12RODS After making its debut on V2 with the self-produced Split Personalities (1998), this Minneapolis synth-pop outfit retreated to Hawaii to record Separation Anxieties (2000) with Todd Rundgren, a producer known for his mastery of studio detail. “Todd never really gave us answers,” the guitarist and keyboardist known as Ev says on the band’s Web […]

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Invitation to a March

Invitation to a March, Shattered Globe Theatre, at Victory Gardens Theater. The program calls Arthur Laurents’s play “a romantic comedy of ill manners.” And his commentary on class issues and social expectations in the 1960s is sharply comic, if ill served by Shattered Globe. From the start, when Rebecca Jordan races through the opening speech […]

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Triumph of Love

Triumph of Love, Circle Theatre. Rare is the Broadway musical that’s built to last, and rarer still is the big-budget extravaganza that transcends pure commerce and approaches art. James Magruder, Jeffrey Stock, and Susan Birkenhead’s 1997 musical adaptation of an 18th-century romance is not that rarity. For the most part it’s a joyless, by-the-numbers excuse […]

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Men and Monsters

The Action Against Sol Schumann Victory Gardens Theater By Kerry Reid David Horowitz’s name doesn’t come up once in Jeffrey Sweet’s taut, moving, intelligent play. But in the difficult issues Sweet raises I felt the weighty presence of this vociferous and controversial opponent of slave reparations. How do we forgive the unforgivable? More to the […]

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Sausage is Murder

Sausage Is Murder Joe Perl’s seemingly delightful advocacy of sausage [March 30] is literally a malignant propaganda campaign glorifying animal genocide, agricultural pollution, and the costly waste of energy affiliated with the meat industry’s egregious barbarism. This conveyer of sausage is an innocuous pawn of corporations directly responsible for virulent transgressions against sentient creatures, clean […]

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Kenny Werner

KENNY WERNER If you don’t pay close attention to Kenny Werner, you might mistake him for just another preternaturally proficient melodist–but listen beneath the exquisite surface of his music and a world of subtle, challenging variations reveals itself. Among the brainiest pianists of his generation, the 49-year-old seems to have studied the same models that […]

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Savage Love

In a recent column you mentioned that three lesbian friends had run off with men. “One…is married to a man,” you wrote, “another is living with a man, and the third is a man.” You observed that none of your gay male friends had run off with women, and asked, “What is it about being […]

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Atom & His Package

Atom & His Package Adam “Atom” Goren seems to be maturing–a strange word to apply to an adult who refers to Taco Bell as a “restaurant.” On the brand-new Redefining Music (Hopeless) the Pennsylvania native’s production sounds more polished than ever; if you take out the “de,” the title is actually pretty accurate. But that’s […]

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Burning Question

Burning Question To the editor: How is it that Peter Margasak singled out Chicago’s Fire Show as one of the best shows of this year’s South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas (Post No Bills, 3/23), yet couldn’t see his way clear to recommending their show this week at Schubas? Over a thousand bands from […]

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All My Sons

All My Sons, Sense of Urgency Productions, at the Viaduct Theater. Arthur Miller’s 1947 play raises such issues as the irresponsibility of war profiteers and what’s owed to soldiers missing in action. But these questions are less immediate in 2001, perhaps prompting Sense of Urgency’s decision to play this classic as family drama. Director Kerstin […]

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Spot Check

HORIZONTAL ACTION ROCK ‘N ROLL BLACKOUT 4/5-7, BEAT KITCHEN The Evanston-based Horizontal Action zine is sort of a low-rent newsprint version of The Man Show: a recent issue included a great retrospective on lesbian-kitsch paperback covers of the 50s and 60s and a piece on how to make do when caught without conventional protection (“Although […]

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Bud and Lou

BUD AND LOU, Runamuck Productions, at the Theatre Building. Vaudeville is alive and well, at least for the 75 minutes of this laugh-loaded salute to the golden early years of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Adapted by Heath Corson and director Chuck Stubbings from Stephan Cox and John Lofflin’s biography, the play plunges us into […]

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Profiteering in the Park

In Ben Joravsky’s article about the loss of the art class at Warren Park [“Where Has All the Money Gone?,” March 16], he mentions in passing something that seems to be part of the trend to decrease programming in the parks. That is the increase in nontax revenues. Warren Park, for instance, receives rent from […]

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Carlo Actis Dato

CARLO ACTIS DATO One of the coolest things about good Italian jazz is its nonchalant disregard for genre: the musicians frequently lace their compositions and improvisations with everything from regional folk melodies to skronking free jazz to jaunty marching rhythms. And few of them do it with more panache than saxophonist Carlo Actis Dato. A […]