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Terrence Blanchard

TERENCE BLANCHARD Busy with film and TV scoring, trumpeter Terence Blanchard all but quit playing in the late 90s–last year’s Wandering Moon was only his second release since ’96–but this appears to have had little effect on his popularity. The readers of Downbeat magazine voted him best trumpeter of 2000, christened Wandering Moon the year’s […]

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Switch Hit

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Broadway Theatre The Last Five Years Northlight Theatre By Justin Hayford Being caught full force in playwright John Cameron Mitchell’s gaze is like having your mind read by a psychoanalytic clown. It’s a gaze I encountered many times during our years together at college. He stares through you with such […]

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Savage Love

If some straight guy went around bashing gays in print the way you’ve been bashing poo eaters, we’d all assume he was a closet case. So how about it, Dan: What’s your real motivation, huh? Expressing personal preference is one thing, but publishing letters just so you can point out how disgusted you are is […]

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Year-Round Chi-Town Comedy Celebration

THURSDAY, MAY 31 9 The Elevated stand-up showcase at Philosofur’s, 2841 N. Halsted, hosted by Cayne Collier, with Bridget Smith, Jen Kirwin, Amy Crossfield, Alan Olifson, Adam Kroshus, Sharon Hazel, Greg Mills, and others. FRIDAY, JUNE 1 Chicago Comedy Works stand-up, sketch comedy, and variety showcase at the Beaumont, 2020 N. Halsted, hosted by Aaron […]

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Bread and Roses

Who wants to think about Mexican janitors–illegal aliens, working in the buildings where movie stars do business with their agents, who decide to unionize to end their exploitation? Ken Loach–an unreconciled, unreconstructed Marxist–that’s who. And thanks to this stirring piece of agitprop, I do too. I’ve been hearing a lot of negative things about this […]

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Chicago Blues Festival

Thursday, June 7 SHOWCASE STAGE NOON Roger Connelly & the Blues Merchants 3:00 Nigel Mack & Blues Attack 4:30 Nitro Blues Band 6:00 Rob Stone & the C-Notes FRONT PORCH stage 12:30 Eric Noden & the Stone Academy Jug Stompers 1:00 Ernie Hawkins 2:30 David Evans’s Last Chance Jug Band 4:00 Mighty Mo Rogers 5:30 […]

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Spot Check

GIL SCOTT-HERON 6/2, HOTHOUSE Still best known for his 1970 classic “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” polymath Gil Scott-Heron is a living link between the mid-20th-century black nationalist movement and hip-hop. Mos Def has said he’s “as important to American letters and song as Ralph Waldo Emerson or Bob Dylan,” yet he’s a long […]

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A Bright Room Called Day

A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY, Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company. A small-scale Brechtian epic that’s both a chronicle of defeat and a call to arms, Tony Kushner’s first play depicts the decline and fall of five leftist artists during the Weimar Republic whose compromises between 1932 and 1933 shed light on Hitler’s rise. Kushner contrasts their divided-and-conquered […]