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Natural Order

Edward Weston: The Last Years in Carmel at the Art Institute of Chicago, through September 16 By Fred Camper When I first looked at reproductions of Edward Weston’s prints almost 30 years ago, I found them inert and dull, skillful but lifeless. And I figured that since Weston himself had published these black-and-white photos in […]

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Window Undressing

A few minutes after midnight on a recent Thursday, security guard Larry Ellis finished placing several police barricades in front of the Sears on State Street. Warning “Do Not Cross” in white letters, the blue blockades signaled day’s end for the four Australian actors hired by the city to live in Sears’s display windows like […]

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Reader to Reader

During all the reports of the taping of the last Bozo’s Circus show, we were informed over and over again of the omnipresent Billy Corgan’s great affection for the beloved clown, and how he just had to appear on the final broadcast. (Why wasn’t Bozo invited to jam with the Pumpkins during their own farewell […]

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Darien Sills-Evans directed and stars in this touching and thoughtful drama about two African-American men, each of whom finds love in the Netherlands. A restless, fast-talking expatriate (Sills-Evans), living with his Dutch wife in the Hague, becomes so frustrated over his stalled acting career that he invites his calm, sensitive ex-roommate from New York (Bobby […]

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Savage Love

The votes are in. They’ve been counted, recounted, and…actually, I’m going resist making the stock Florida/hanging-chad/Republican-coup jokes. After all, this is serious business: What term, from this day forward, will be the commonly accepted slang for a woman fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on dildo? Three candidates stood in this election: “bob,” […]

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Richard Lloyd, Steve Wynn

RICHARD LLOYD, STEVE WYNN Richard Lloyd and Steve Wynn launched their careers in two of the most revered bands of the punk and postpunk eras, yet they’ll probably both be thrilled if they draw 300 people to the Empty Bottle this week. Both men have spent nearly two decades trying to recapture the glory of […]

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Lost In Their Parts

The Anniversary Party was written and directed by two actors, Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who created all the parts specifically for themselves and actors they knew. So it’s no surprise that a handful of the characters at this dusk-to-dawn Hollywood party, celebrating the sixth wedding anniversary of Joe (Cumming) and Sally (Leigh), are […]

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Police Scanner

Saturday, June 9, 12:15 AM Dispatcher: Any kind of condition besides it bein’ in the head? 1130: I’ll say he’s good, but they’ll probably tell you critical. Shot in the head, but he’s responsive. Tuesday, June 12, 12:55 AM 1950: Can we have a wagon come by, assist the citizen home? He’s in a wheelchair. […]

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Sins of the Father

SINS OF THE FATHER, SummerNITE, at the Theatre Building. Written and performed earlier this year by Northern Illinois University students in Dublin, Ireland, this show is presented here with most of the original cast intact. And this 90-minute piece about intolerance in an unnamed police state is very much an evening of student theater. The […]

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The Bomb-itty of Errors

The Bomb-itty of Errors, at the Royal George Theatre Center. At its best, hip-hop is intensely theatrical, a forum for pointed social commentary and a means of making personal narratives accessible. In a sense, hip-hop’s strengths can be tied to the Elizabethan era; Shakespeare was a profound social critic and wily bender of genres. And […]