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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A collaboration between the living Steven Spielberg and the late Stanley Kubrick seems entirely appropriate to a project that reflects profoundly on the differences between life and nonlife, not to mention the human and the nonhuman. It’s easy to say that Kubrick thought about questions that Spielberg only knows how to approach emotionally, but that […]

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Dept. of Disgruntled Critics

Dept. of Disgruntled Critics Just as serious theater critics should not make harmful sweeping generalizations about productions, serious theater artists should not regard critics as one ill-informed, antagonistic entity. The letter submitted by “A Chicago Theater Artist” (Letters, June 29) makes an erroneous blanket statement about Chicago critics “recklessly and ignorantly slamming Chicago theater artists […]

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Wonder Woman

Nina Nastasia Dogs (Socialist Records) By Tim Midgett Nina Nastasia’s debut album, Dogs, charts a girl’s uncertain course from childhood to high school drama and on to the shaky heights and murky dregs of bohemia. It’s a trip plenty of others have taken. From Janis Ian to Liz Phair, the innermost thoughts of young women […]

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Face to Face With History

The turning point in Frank Borzage’s magnificent The Mortal Storm (1940), one of the first Hollywood films to condemn Nazism, is a scene in which a professor in southern Germany, Roth, witnesses a book burning. Alone in his study at night, he sees the light from the fire dancing on his walls and goes to […]

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Lightning Bolt

LIGHTNING BOLT It’s hard to believe just two guys can make this much noise. Bassist Brian Gibson stands in front of a precarious wall of amps, playing like he’s got ten extra fingers, while drummer Brian Chippendale tries to hammer his drums into the floor and emits occasional melodic nonsense through a microphone hidden inside […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories According to a May report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, recent art auctions in New York City fetched $30,000 for Tom Friedman’s Untitled (a coffee-stained Styrofoam cup pinned to a piece of wood along with a ladybug), nearly $500,000 for Robert Gober’s Untitled (Broom Sink) (a fancifully constructed washbasin), and $5.6 million for […]

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In Performance: heading outside for a frozen treat

Last fall choreographer and multimedia artist Ann Carlson started sifting through thousands of archival images from the Chicago Historical Society and other sources for her new site-specific project, Night Light. Eventually, Carlson and two local researchers settled on nine photos “where the place can be identified,” she says. “Sometimes it’s ridiculously obvious, like the lions […]

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Savage Love

I recently started dating a girl who has a strange fetish. The first time we slept together, she wanted to wear a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. The schoolgirl fantasy turned me on, although I thought it was a bit odd to go that far our first time together. Now she’s taking things even farther, going to […]

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COIN Plenty of bands are cashing in on the 80s revival with kitschy synth-pop, but although the sounds Coin uses are recycled from that era, the place you most likely heard them back then was your local video arcade. The main mind behind the Tucson-based act is Thermos Malling, Bob Log’s partner in the defunct […]

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Sports Section

One team usually emerges ascendant from the interleague series between the White Sox and the Cubs, the other on the decline. But their first meeting this season, at Comiskey Park, produced a split decision, the Sox winning two of the three games but each team laying bare the other’s weaknesses. Far from diminishing the baseball […]