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In Performance: heading outside for a frozen treat

Last fall choreographer and multimedia artist Ann Carlson started sifting through thousands of archival images from the Chicago Historical Society and other sources for her new site-specific project, Night Light. Eventually, Carlson and two local researchers settled on nine photos “where the place can be identified,” she says. “Sometimes it’s ridiculously obvious, like the lions […]

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Savage Love

I recently started dating a girl who has a strange fetish. The first time we slept together, she wanted to wear a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. The schoolgirl fantasy turned me on, although I thought it was a bit odd to go that far our first time together. Now she’s taking things even farther, going to […]

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COIN Plenty of bands are cashing in on the 80s revival with kitschy synth-pop, but although the sounds Coin uses are recycled from that era, the place you most likely heard them back then was your local video arcade. The main mind behind the Tucson-based act is Thermos Malling, Bob Log’s partner in the defunct […]

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Sports Section

One team usually emerges ascendant from the interleague series between the White Sox and the Cubs, the other on the decline. But their first meeting this season, at Comiskey Park, produced a split decision, the Sox winning two of the three games but each team laying bare the other’s weaknesses. Far from diminishing the baseball […]

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This week Facets Multimedia Center kicks off a monthlong retrospective of work by the talented Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai (who will attend selected screenings Friday through Sunday). Pineapple (1983, 78 min.), a fascinating social history of the growing and processing of pineapple, extends back to 1898, when Sanford Dole became the first governor of Hawaii, […]

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Spot Check

EL GRAN SILENCIO 7/6, ARAGON On their 1998 album for Ark 21, Libres y locos, the Mexican group El Gran Silencio concocted a sprawling mix of hip-hop, dancehall, hard rock, and Mexican regional styles like cumbia and nortena. It was clear from the outset that they couldn’t claim mastery over any one of these, but […]

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Forever My Darlin’

Forever My Darlin’, ETA Creative Arts Foundation. We know right off that teen heartthrob Johnny Ace is going to die. Not just because director Runako Jahi notes in the program that the real Johnny Ace died young but because hooded figures of Death dance along with Ace on the stage of the Apollo. Unfortunately the […]

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New Sounds From Old Technology

New Sounds From Old Technology The first Americans to start using computers right out of the cradle are now in their early 20s–but though they’re as comfortable with modern technology as your grandma is with a teakettle, they’re not immune to nostalgia. “A few years ago I got my old Atari out of the closet, […]

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True Books

How to Teach Your Dog to Talk, by Captain Haggerty (Fireside, $13). Synopsis: Your dog can learn to make sounds that approximate English words, as well as perform a variety of other tasks, such as fetching Kleenex or a ringing cell phone. The author, retired from the U.S. Army K-9 Corps, suggests you consider what […]

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Sexually Transmitted Deity

Sexually Transmitted Deity, Dramatist Revolutionary Army, at Stage Left Theatre. Although Jaimie-Lee Wise’s thoroughly black comedy promises “graphic sex rituals and nudity,” there isn’t much to recommend Sexually Transmitted Deity to would-be perverts except a bit of nakedness in the form of a flaccid male member. Unless, of course, talking dirty is your thing: the […]