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A Shine On Your Shoes

Pianist and vocalist Kevin Cole has been called the best Gershwin interpreter since Gershwin. More broadly, he’s a devoted student of the golden age of the Broadway musical; whether he’s performing Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, or Jerome Kern, he makes the tunes sound immediate and alive. He also likes to uncover obscurities, which sometimes means […]

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I Am Twenty

Khrushchev hated the first version of this 1964 Soviet film, and director Marlen Khutsiev cut it in half; this three-hour original became available only in 1989. The story begins when Sergei, returning from army service, moves in with his sister and mother and gets a job at a power plant; he goes out with two […]

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Savage Love

I have a recurring fantasy about having a threesome with my husband and his brother. I’m not interested in other men, and I’m not interested in my in-law without my spouse’s involvement. So how do I bring this up? Or will the aftermath of even asking be too weird to live with? –Obsessed With My […]

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Sermon on the Web

Sermon on the Web I’ve long since stopped dismissing writers who self-circulate columns or self-publish books as deluded eccentrics. When media conglomerates dream of slicing and dicing each portion of content and serving it to us 12 different ways, loners saying something personal deserve to be hailed. Once a week for the past five years, […]

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Viva Music Festival

SATURDAY SUPER ESTRELLA DAY Stage 11:00 Ivana d’Arc 11:40 Orquesta Yorumba 12:25 Marco Antonio Cruz 1:00 Buscando Estrellas 2:10 Son Reinas y Yomo Toro Petrillo Music Shell 2:35 Grupo Dimension 3:15 Los Tecolines 4:22 Los Tigrillos 5:15 DC3 6:20 Caballo Dorado 7:25 Oro Solido 8:30 Fulanito SUNDAY SUPER ESTRELLA DAY Stage 11:00 Azabache 11:50 Everdardo […]

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SHINS The various incarnations and imitations of the Nuggets anthology have made it crystal clear that just about any band can come up with one great song. In fact, boxes of these fortuitous moments, captured on seven-inch vinyl by bands I’ve forgotten the names of over the course of the 80s and 90s, are taking […]

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Prog Will Eat Itself

Yes at the Arie Crown Theatre, August 8 By Warren Sentence Rock means two simultaneous and interconnected things. Thing 1: a form of music as defined by artistic characteristics (see Joe Carducci’s Rock and the Pop Narcotic for one proposed definition). Thing 2: the market for the aforementioned form. These two things, though they share […]

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Accentuate the Positive

Spectrum Dances: Emerging and Established Voices at the Performance Loft, through August 26 By Kelly Kleiman Portraits of intimacy, power, and freedom are more compelling in contemporary American dance than depictions of isolation, struggle, and confinement. At least that’s the inference one might draw from “Spectrum Dances: Emerging and Established Voices,” a showcase for three […]

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Eddie Johnson

EDDIE JOHNSON Listening to Eddie Johnson play the tenor saxophone gives me the same feeling I get viewing Edvard Munch’s last paintings or touring Frank Lloyd Wright’s beloved Taliesin–that every gesture contains a lifetime of thought and experience. Johnson turned 80 last year, but his music seems ageless. He plays as often as he did […]

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Fitzgerald’s Bush-League Behavior

Dear editor, Thank you very much for Linda Lutton’s excellent article on the Bush tax refunds (“Congratulations! You Lose!” August 17)! Too bad Illinois senator Fitzgerald also couldn’t have understood (or did he?) how unfairly pro-rich the Bush tax cuts are. Thirteen times in May, Senator Fitzgerald faced amendments to reduce or delay the huge […]