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Oedipus, Who?

Oedipus, Who?, Bailiwick Repertory. In Ronald Jiu’s adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy, Thebes is a deaf community and its citizens communicate through a combination of sign language and spoken words: the Greek chorus provides not only the narration but also the main characters’ lines. The story remains intact–Oedipus (Robert Schleifer) becomes king when he solves the […]

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Rhinoceros Theater Festival

This ambitious showcase of experimental theater, performance, and music from Chicago’s fringe began as part of the Bucktown Arts Fest. Now it’s produced by the Curious Theatre Branch; in addition to the Curious folks, participating artists include Theater Oobleck, Jennifer Biddle LaFleur, Michael Meyers, Nomenil, Barrie Cole, Blair Thomas, and many other ensembles and soloists. […]

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PERSPECTS The Detroit duo Perspects tends to make grandiose but empty statements about what it wants its music to accomplish–for example, producing “the effects of maximum convenience on the present-day human mind.” But the music–aggressive pop played on cold synthesizers, occasionally sidestepping repetition and juxtaposing unrelated rhythms–more than makes up for all the hot air. […]

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Savage Love

Just what sexual pleasure could a gay man possibly derive from another gay man inserting a fist into his rectum? So long as this act is performed by gay men, straight people will never approve of gay relationships. What is wrong with you people? –Normal Straight Male I usually write Savage Love on Wednesday afternoons, […]