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Baritone Nation

BARITONE NATION Modern music seems to encourage unconventional combinations of instruments, but the lineup of Baritone Nation–four baritone saxists, one percussionist, and nothing else–will still probably catch a few people by surprise. A basic 17-piece jazz orchestra never uses more than one bari; to see four lined up in a row you’d usually have to […]

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Hollywood Whores

Thank you for printing “Junket Bonds” [November 17], the excerpt from Jonathan Rosenbaum’s upcoming book. Honesty in the evaluation of big Hollywood films is hard enough to come by; honesty in the evaluation of film criticism seems nonexistent. It’s long been my own contention that the mainstream media “film critics” are not film critics at […]

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Local Release Roundup

Local Release Roundup BLUE MEANIES The Post Wave (MCA) On their major label debut these local veterans put a new-wave shine on their horn-driven pop punk–complete with gratuitous backing vocals by Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s. But their songs remain defiantly forgettable. The nasal, aggressively obnoxious snarl of singer Billy Spunke–more Pee-wee Herman than John […]