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Judging by his stage name you’d probably guess that house producer Gabriel Rene makes gauzy, opulent music, full of shimmering liquid keyboards. So give yourself a cigar; you’re right. And have a martini too–it’ll go nicely with Aquanote’s decadent, soft-focus art-deco ambience. His beats and bass lines evoke a ritzy hotel lounge more than an […]

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To the Hoom: Cherry Angostura overreacts to insignificance (Richard Roeper) in “That’s Rich!” [December 21], just as that ambitious columnist overreacts to others’ insignificance (as “celebrities”) in his key tapping and on-camera lip movements, and just as I overreact to Cherry’s put-down of Roeper with this insignificant sign of my egotism, a letter to the […]

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A nyone who’s jumped on a bed or plunged off a high-dive platform or had an airborne dream understands the wish to fly. But unlike most of us, choreographer Elizabeth Streb believes that wish can come true–and sets out to prove it. Recipient of a 1997 MacArthur “genius” grant, the choreographer puts the performers in […]

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Savage Love

I’m 22 years old and I am not ashamed of who I am. I’m just afraid. I know my parents love me, but on more than one occasion, they have made their dislike for “fags” rather obvious. I’d hate to see their reaction if they were to discover that their only son was one. I […]

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Art people: Pate Conaway, knit wit

At the Evanston retirement community where he taught art, Pate (pronounced “Patty”) Conaway used herbal tea and show tunes to lure his students into his basement classroom. “The ladies,” as he came to call them, sipped their tea and listened patiently as he presented workshops on bookbinding, papermaking, collage making, and drawing. But the ladies […]

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2020’s Blurry Vision

Kudos to Harold Henderson for illustrating the many follies and shortcomings of Chicago Metropolis 2020 [January 25]. Metropolis 2020, and the entire “Smart Growth” movement for that matter, don’t stand up to even the slightest intellectual scrutiny. I am a degreed urban planner and a career land developer. As I’ve seen this movement practically applied, […]

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Sketch Fest

This two-month showcase of Chicago sketch comedy features more than 30 local ensembles–some well established, some new to the scene–representing a remarkable range of styles and viewpoints, with two to four groups sharing the bill at each performance. Participating troupes include Stir-Friday Night!, Annoyance Productions, Weaselicious, Brick, ÁSalsation!, GayCo Productions, the WNEP Theater, and many […]

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Covert Operations

Very much appreciated the article on getting back at telemarketers (January 25). One approach was conspicuously absent, however: caller ID. More specifically, calls where the name and number are “unavailable.” Virtually all of these are telemarketers, financial firms, or the phone company. Star 69 doesn’t give any more information than the caller ID box. Something […]

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Sports Section

In the fourth quarter of the Bears’ NFC semifinal against Philadelphia, I wrote in my notebook, “Which will prevail, the Eagles’ intensity or the Bears’ composure?” Composure was the signature of this year’s Bears, enabling them to pull off come-from-behind overtime victories over the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns. But in the end […]

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Life of a Salesman

It’s astonishing how few Hollywood movies tell us anything about the way we spend a third or more of our lives—at work. Maybe this is because the standard industry perception is that people don’t like to think about that part of their existence when they go to movies, that people want to keep their professions […]

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Phoenix, Arizona, may seem a more likely haven for retirees than b-boys, but the desert sprawl has coughed up at least one great latter-day hip-hop DJ. Z-Trip broke out in 1995 with the vinyl-fetishist polemic “U Can Get With Discs or U Can Get With DAT,” his contribution to Bomb Hip-Hop Records’ first Return of […]