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Coyote Pretty

Coyote Pretty, at WNEP Theater. Margaret Hicks and Dori Goldman are desperately looking for a guy to date. Any guy. That’s the premise behind their sketch-comedy show, a sweetly silly, inventive late-night romp through the world of dating and other absurdities. Hicks and Goldman twist what could have been a bland topic into bits that […]

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Petty Crime

Friday, January 25, between 2 and 5 PM, 700 block of South Loomis. Theft. Unknown offender or offenders broke into garage and stole $12 worth of toilet paper. Monday, January 28, 3:40 PM, 1400 block of West Van Buren. Assault. 18-year-old shot in back of head with pellet gun by unidentified teenage male. Victim disarmed […]

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Limon Dance Company

It’s hard to imagine a marriage between this company–a classic purveyor of modern dance started in 1947 by Jose Limon (who died in 1972)–and Evanston-based Billy Siegenfeld, whose Jump Rhythm Jazz Project performs his unique brand of syncopated movement to classic jazz and musical-theater songs. Yet the Limon troupe’s current artistic director, Carla Maxwell, commissioned […]

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Family Resemblance

Long Day’s Journey Into Night Goodman Theatre Strange Interlude at the North Lakeside Cultural Center For years I’ve been hoping the American critical establishment would break its infatuation with Eugene O’Neill, who is supposed to have single-handedly transformed superficial, derivative American theater into a serious art form, detailing the American social and psychic landscape more […]

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The chamber-music collective CUBE has always had a sense of mission: it focuses on neglected contemporary classics and new pieces commissioned both from its local colleagues (Gustavo Leone, Ilya Levinson) and from its own members (Patricia Morehead, Janice Misurell-Mitchell). But Levinson’s adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” which CUBE debuts tonight, is the […]

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Bob Dorough

By the time most jazz singers hit their 70s, they’re forced to cope with a diminished range and failing lung power. But in the last few years Bob Dorough, now 78, has been singing as well as ever–maybe because he didn’t have much of an instrument to begin with. His small voice seems to crack […]

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Dilated Peoples

Over the last few years, artists from Timbaland to the Anti-Pop Consortium have proved that hip-hop has plenty of room left to grow without becoming something else entirely, but there’s still a significant faction of the underground that believes two turntables and a microphone are all any true head will ever need. Among these folks, […]

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Savage Love

I am a 29-year-old gay male, and I have a problem. There’s a guy at my office who is absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t know if he’s gay. I don’t have very much contact with him because we are in different departments. He does gives off “gay” signals, though: He wears a pair of hoop […]