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Savage Love

I am an 18-year-old lesbian. My girlfriend of two years is 17. We have not had sex, however, which by my definition is making each other come by whatever means. She is willing to touch me, but she prefers that I not touch her. She was assaulted when she was 15, and the guy turned […]

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The Rail Solution

I thoroughly enjoyed Robert Heuer’s “Runway Inflation” piece, contained in your March 15 edition. It demonstrates that Illinois transportation planning is almost exactly like Afghan nation building: hampered by tribal factions, infighting, myopic vision, and putting short-term tribal gain before long-term, systemic considerations. The players may not wear burnooses and carry AK-47s, but their “problem-solving” […]

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Chicago Moving Company

Founded 30 years ago, the Chicago Moving Company has never shied away from current events–though its approach is seldom predictable. Two of the three new pieces on this program, “Threads,” were inspired or influenced by the events of September 11. Founder-artistic director Nana Shineflug offers Altered, a piece for five dancers and one runner, who […]

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Spot Check

COPTIC LIGHT 4/5, FIRESIDE BOWL Jon Fine (most notoriously of Bitch Magnet, with pre-Seam Sooyoung Park, and most recently a touring member of Don Caballero), Kevin Shea (a former Chicagoan and member of Storm and Stress), and Jeff Winterberg make ferocious, luminous instrumental music that doesn’t sound exactly like rock ‘n’ roll but most definitely […]

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Hot Air on Global Warming

Editor: I had to laugh, reading Mike Timble’s inane, rambling letter [March 15] dispelling the “myth” of global warming. Here’s a guy who is outraged that Ted Kleine [“Hot and Bothered,” March 8] ignores important scientific “data” and “facts” to support the nefarious Chicken Little Global Warming Conspiracy–and he doesn’t understand the first thing about […]

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That Spatial Feeling

Greg Dawe was photographed by Wes Pope in April 2000, as part of the CITY 2000 documentary project. I interviewed him about six months later. He’s shown standing in the CAVE–a computer-generated “automatic virtual environment”–at UIC’s Electronic Visualization Lab, where he works as a design engineer. I’m Greg Dawe, a Chicago native. I’m the hardware […]

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Two brothers–one a high school senior, the other an ex-con trying to go straight–struggle to keep their balance in the melting pot of Upper Manhattan’s Latino neighborhood in this impressive debut feature by writer-director Eric Eason. Scorsese’s Mean Streets has become the template for all such fraternal low-life dramas, and while this one lacks the […]

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The Straight Dope

What’s the deal with suttee? For years I’ve been hearing that in India, widows are routinely thrown on funeral pyres alive. Is this just propaganda? And if not, is it just unpopular widows that it happens to? Since most men die before women, do all children burn their mom alive as a matter of course? […]

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Ellis Paul

In the mid-80s, Ellis Paul went to college in Boston on a track scholarship, then blew out his knee and embarked on a career as a singer-songwriter; by 1990 he was a rising star on the city’s folk scene, with two well-loved cassette releases making the rounds. Four albums later Paul still hadn’t reached the […]

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Mlife Sentence

Mlife Sentence, Circuit Court Jester, at ImprovOlympic. The six actors in this sketch-comedy show, directed by Peter Gwinn, are consistently entertaining but seldom outright hilarious. Writer-performers Michael Bertrando, Brendan Dowling, Dina Facklis, Brian Golinvaux, Megan Grano, and John Stoops all demonstrate versatility and sound comic timing. In one of the best scenes, Grano and Bertrando […]

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5 FRIDAY Nowadays “courtesan” is just a fancy way of saying “hooker,” but centuries ago it referred to a prostitute distinguished by her beauty, refinement, and artistry. This weekend’s conference on The Courtesan’s Arts brings together historians, anthropologists, musicologists, and others to examine courtesan cultures such as those that thrived in ancient Greece, precolonial India, […]