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Savage Love

I just read your response to Disabled Dilemma, the man who was trying to find a girlfriend for his disabled friend. You told DD that his disabled friend should “reconcile himself to being alone.” I’m not sure how to react. Part of me wants to call you a cold, mean-spirited fuck. The other part of […]

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Songs of the Pioneers

The Complete Okeh and Brunswick Bix Beiderbecke, Frank Trumbauer and Jack Teagarden Sessions (1924-36) (Mosaic) Frank Trumbauer is one of the odder jazz heroes. In the early 1920s, when most jazz saxophonists were still farting staccato on the beat, he brought a smooth and singing conception to the saxophone (C melody and alto), pointing the […]

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The Killer is Loose

Chicago-born Budd Boetticher, who died last November at 85, directed mostly B pictures and television, but as the Film Center’s current retrospective proves, he developed an austere yet graceful style perfectly suited to his stoic worldview and shrewd psychological insight. In this taut 1956 noir a meek, bespectacled ex-GI (Wendell Corey in a memorably creepy […]

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Police Misconduct

To the editor: As a Chicago policeman for 20 years, including 12 assigned to the 14th District, from 1984-’96, I would like to address outright lies, embellishments, and urban legends in the article written by former police officer Juan Antonio Juarez (“A Soldier’s Story,” April 12). The late police officer John Lyons, who Juarez identified […]

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Angel City

Angel City, Artistic Home. There’s been quite a run on 70s Sam Shepard plays: the navel-gazing Cowboy Mouth (1971) and this 1976 satire of the Hollywood film industry opened within a week of each other. That’s not such a bad thing: at his best, Shepard is without equal when it comes to capturing the twin […]

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Casualties of War

Fazal Sheikh grew up in New York, but the grandfather he was named for was born in India and raised Muslim in the northern area that later became Pakistan. In 1912 his grandfather migrated within the British Commonwealth to Kenya to seek his fortune. He became a prosperous merchant in Nairobi and eventually bought a […]

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Derrick Carter

Of Chicago’s many house DJs, probably the most popular–in town, in the country, in the world–is Derrick Carter. In fact, he’s become something of an ambassador for both the city and the style. A DJ since age 13 (spinning at the Basement) and a former buyer for local dance emporium Gramophone Records, Carter currently runs […]

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Anything Goes

ANYTHING GOES, Drury Lane Oakbrook, and ANYTHING GOES, Stage Right Dinner Theatre. It’s hard to believe this lightweight 1934 musical came out of the Depression. But its silliness was probably the point. A throwback to such Jazz Age obsessions as flappers and gangsters, the book was reassuringly retro. Americans Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse and […]

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Spot Check

ALTAN 4/20, OLD TOWN SCHOOL This veteran band is considered by many to be the cream of the Irish-traditional crop, and with good reason–Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh’s voice skitters like a seagull over waves of clean, clear, but ornate instrumentation, emphasis on the fiddles and pipes. And there’s nobody on the mainstream world-music scene who gives […]