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Police Scanner

Monday, May 27, 10:55 PM Dispatcher: ’63-Eddie, go with the emergency– 763-e: 6— Lowe, male black, uh, he’s going down, he’s going down to the back there, go back to the front! Go back to the front, go back to the front! He’s in the front, he’s running inside. No, in the front! In the […]

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We Were Only Freshmen

Each autumn, before a single class is held, all University of Chicago freshmen spend an entire week in orientation. I passed much of the first day standing in line. At the front of one long line, a smiling upperclassman handed me a canvas bag. Inside the bag were pencils and coupons and class schedules and […]

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Friday 6/7 – Thursday 6/13 JUNE 7 FRIDAY Gospel recording artist and producer Richard Smallwood began his career with God when he accepted salvation at age eight, and for more than 20 years now the Lord hasn’t let him down. His late-70s debut album, The Richard Smallwood Singers, spent 87 weeks on the Billboard chart, […]

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GayCo Behind Bars

GayCo Behind Bars, GayCo Productions, at Stage Left Theatre. This time around the Farce is not with this gay-themed troupe. The connecting theme–bar life–remains generic, undermined by sparsely detailed, scattershot sketches. Assorted puns on “Klub Uranus” die aborning. However, a catty male quartet of club kids crooning the empty pleasures of “passing judgment” should become […]

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No One Ever Dies In Montana

No One Ever Dies In Montana, LiveWire Theater, at Frankie J’s MethaDome Theatre. Playwright Sean Michael Welch and director Chris Arnold can’t seem to decide whether this love triangle between a serial killer, his wife, and his brother is a legitimate thriller or a dark comedy of the “I married an ax murderer” variety. Certain […]

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Calendar Sidebar

Until recently the 1,500 dresses, scarves, hats, trousers, raincoats, petticoats, and polyester leisure suits that make up the Fashion Columbia Study Collection were “in boxes, bags, and various closets,” says longtime Columbia College instructor (and acting curator) Avis Moeller. That didn’t necessarily interfere with the items’ use, she explains. “Ours is not a museum that […]

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Give That Man a Cigar

Frank Ferrante won awards and accolades in London and New York when he starred in Groucho: A Life in Revue, a play cowritten and directed by Groucho Marx’s son, Arthur, in the mid-1980s. In the years since, Ferrante has perpetuated his nimble impersonation of the great comedian in the hilarious solo show An Evening With […]

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Chicago Gospel Music Festival

Chicago Gospel Music Festival offers performances on three stages at Columbus and Jackson in Grant Park: the Early/Day Stage, the Gospel Youth tent, and the Petrillo Music Shell. For information call 312-744-3370. Friday, June 7 GOSPEL YOUTH TENT 4:00 open mike 4:45 Mayor’s Kid’s Start Etc. Summer Chorus 5:00 Progressive Youth Choir 5:15 St. Luke […]

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Sibling Revelry

Sibling Revelry, Tellin’ Tales Theatre, at Prop Thtr, through June 23. As anyone with a brother or sister can attest, there’s a very thin line for siblings between love and hate. And the four monologues in “Sibling Revelry” celebrate all such petty frustration, awkwardness, and irreconcilable differences. Still, these writer-performers always swing back to the […]

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Pushin’ Too Hard

N*E*R*D In Search Of… (Virgin) You know Tenacious D? No? But you know Tenacious D singer Jack Black, the guy who played the extroverted record store clerk in High Fidelity? No? We’ll back up. Tenacious D are two fat dudes with acoustic guitars who bill themselves as the Greatest Band in the World but play […]