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News of the Weird

Lead Stories According to a story last month in the New York Times, hundreds of young men and women in China have endured months of pain to gain a few inches in height and supposedly improve their social and professional status. The “Ilizarov procedure,” which costs $6,000, involves breaking bones in the shins or thighs, […]

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Gypsy Love

Gypsy Love, Light Opera Works, at Northwestern University, Cahn Auditorium. Though less familiar than The Merry Widow, which preceded it by five years, this 1910 delight abounds in gorgeous melodies, and its plot is surprisingly imaginative for a silver-age operetta. Here Franz Lehar returns to the Romany-flavored czardas and folk dances of his native Hungary. […]

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Earth (1930) is the most famous of Alexander Dovzhenko’s masterpieces, but this white-hot war film, made the previous year and screening only once in the Gene Siskel Film Center’s invaluable Dovzhenko retrospective, is in many ways his most dazzling silent picture. Though it was commissioned to glorify the 1918 struggle of Bolshevik workers at a […]

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Rich Halley Trio

If in jazz “middle of the road” referred to a real stylistic space, as opposed to neither here nor there, saxophonist Rich Halley would be standing in it. On the token standard on his brand-new trio CD, Objects (Louie)–Harold Arlen’s “Over the Rainbow”–he develops small melodic motifs in his solo much as he does on […]

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A Temporary World

A Temporary World, Stephen Daedelus Productions, at Wing & Groove Theatre. Acting may have its rewards, but for 99 percent of practitioners, it’s a terrible way to make a living. This compilation of stories written by Tim Joyce, directed by Joyce Fox, and based on the experiences of the show’s three actress-roommates–Patricia Austin, Amanda Howard, […]

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Savage Love

I love you, Dan, but you are so wrong about tighty whities! Last week you told Suffering Latent Underpants Trauma, aka SLUT, that men look good in tighty whities. Wrong! If you like men in those horrible Homer Simpson retarded white things, Dan, you’re a freaking retard. As a straight woman who is outspoken on […]

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Spot Check

MARY TIMONY 6/14, EMPTY BOTTLE Indie-rock It Girl Mary Timony doesn’t break any new ground on The Golden Dove (Matador), her second solo album since Helium went on “hiatus.” But her fans wouldn’t have it any other way: her distinctive style, which draws on folk, psych, and even church music, provides a grounded sort of […]

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The Bearer and Haunt

The Bearer and Haunt, O Theater, at Chicago Dramatists. When Timothy McCain’s one-act The Bearer begins with a woman ranting bitterly at a cabdriver about marriage, we wonder where actress Kathleen Powers can go from there. Fortunately McCain’s tightly written script, combining elements of Hellcab and HBO’s Taxicab Confessions, is a dramatic showcase for contemporary […]

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Good With Figures

Tamaki Honda at ARC, through June 29 Sylvia Nieves at Aldo Castillo, through July 6 Tiny figures in abstracted landscapes can be found in Western paintings as early as the 17th century, and even earlier in China and Japan. But Tamaki Honda gives her eight paintings at ARC a self-aware, modernist twist by making the […]