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Good With Figures

Tamaki Honda at ARC, through June 29 Sylvia Nieves at Aldo Castillo, through July 6 Tiny figures in abstracted landscapes can be found in Western paintings as early as the 17th century, and even earlier in China and Japan. But Tamaki Honda gives her eight paintings at ARC a self-aware, modernist twist by making the […]

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Real Players

Rinocerose Music Kills Me (V2) VHS or Beta Le Funk (On!) The most frequent complaints about postdisco dance music boil down to aspersions cast upon its authenticity. How can you call it music, the logic goes, if nobody’s hitting any strings or skins? Where’s the soul? Where’s the talent? So when a house or techno […]

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Love to Hate

The Believer, an independent feature, premiered on cable nearly three months ago, after failing to get a distributor. But it was recently picked up and is opening this week at Landmark’s Century Centre. It’s already created a good deal of buzz, most of it justified. Inspired by the real-life story of a 28-year-old Jew in […]

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Visitor Q

A prostitute goads her father into having sex with her for pay, and that’s only the first taboo shattered in this 2001 video feature from Takashi Miike (Audition), heralded for his gleefully perverse take on contemporary Japan. The meltdown of the nuclear family continues when the father (Kenichi Endo) returns home to find his heroin-addicted […]

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Blood Wedding

The Hypocrites’ Sean Graney has always been good at coaxing great drama out of difficult texts. Even when he’s tackling outright nonsense, like Sam Shepard’s crazy one-act Action, he usually finds the right cast and the right rhythms to transform words on a page into powerful theater. And when Graney’s working with a strong play, […]

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Jerome Noetinger & Lionel Marchetti

Over the last decade or so the computer has become the default instrument in experimental music. But judging from the proliferation of interchangeable laptop jockeys, this development has weakened the field far more than it’s strengthened it. French sound artists Jerome Noetinger and Lionel Marchetti, however, have by and large eschewed digital technology–for them innovation […]

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Underground Zero

In September 2001 independent filmmakers Jay Rosenblatt and Caveh Zahedi invited 150 colleagues to address the recent terror attacks, and though none of these 13 videos culled from the project is superb on its own, the mix of perspectives encourages us to think analytically about our own responses and the sources of the terrorists’ hatred. […]

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The Bad Old Days

To the editor: Read the Hot Type column on northwest Indiana [June 7] with interest. Back in 1973, I moved from California to Gary to work on the paper Compass, which grew out of the printers’ strike at then-Hammond Times. It lasted for three years and it remains the single most important, fun, and educational […]

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“Still going, still maintaining,” raps Atmosphere’s Slug on “Give Me,” three tracks into his brand-new album with producing partner Ant, God Loves Ugly (Rhymesayers Entertainment/Fat Beats). “Still standing in the land of snow and purple rain, and / I’m still waiting for my dates to kiss me or slap me / ‘Cause there ain’t no […]

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Snappy Comeback

The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Bailiwick Repertory Fucking Our Fathers Bailiwick Repertory Working the room at a New Year’s party for London’s upper crust, British dramatist Frederick Lonsdale spotted a gentleman he despised walking in. The host, fearing that the occasion might be ruined if the playwright were tempted to start tossing the verbal darts […]