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Conference Calls: how Seth Killian became a Street Fightin’ Man

“Part of it is straight anger and punishing people,” says Seth Killian–aka S-kill, a national champion at the video-arcade game Street Fighter II. “You’re publicly humiliating them. There are a lot of people whose lives are bereft of other socially apparent achievements. They are straight-up losers. But put in a certain context, some 14-year-old 300-pound […]

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Master Stitchum

Master Stitchum and the Moon, at the Storefront Theater. Mickle Maher is probably the last person anyone would expect to write and direct a children’s play. In his work with Theater Oobleck, the Curious Theatre Branch, and a host of other like-minded troupes, Maher has delighted in confounding audiences with elliptical word games. And he […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Earlier this month Ade Ogunjobi, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Nigeria, filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission offering to buy General Electric, General Motors, AOL Time Warner, AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Hughes Electronics, and Marriott International (aggregate market capitalization: $650 billion). Ogunjobi offered to pay shareholders triple the value of their shares, […]

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Asian American Jazz Festival

Thursday 10/25 6:30PM Manodharma Trio with Vijay Iyer, Rudresh Mahanthappa & Samir Chatterjee. Miya Massaoka Trans-Timbral-Literation Trio with Samir Chatterjee & Amir el Saffar. Chicago Cultural Center Preston Bradley Hall 78 E. Washington, 312-744-6630 Friday 10/26 6 PM George Yoshida lectures on the Japanese film musical Whipering Sidewalks (1936). Museum of Contemporary Art 220 E. […]

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Charlie Kohlhase & Matt Langley

Saxophonists who play together awhile tend to grow together, breathing and bending as one, merging or parrying as a moment demands, blending those rich reedy-brassy overtones. Think Johnny Hodges and Harry Carney, Ornette Coleman and Dewey Redman, Steve Lacy and Steve Potts. Or Charlie Kohlhase and Matt Langley, a duo since 1982. Kohlhase is a […]

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Kasper Toeplitz

French composer Kasper Toeplitz erases distinctions–between acoustic and electronic, performer and composer, music and sound. He’s no friend of the instrumentalist; he’s written that “the instrument is only a tool,” and his growing body of work bears that out. His Branca-esque guitar project Sleaze Art created a huge, amorphous, lumbering din on a phalanx of […]

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Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald grew up in Fresno, California, singing in gospel choirs and performing in dinner-theater musicals. She trained as a classical soprano at Juilliard, but instead of pursuing operatic roles, in the early 90s she started auditioning for Broadway shows. Fortuitously, at that time color-blind casting had become acceptable, even fashionable, and McDonald landed a […]

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Don’t Believe the Lies Your Car is Telling You

Mark Dawson makes a fair point [Letters, September 28] regarding bike riders’ behavior on city streets (and sidewalks). The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation feels that bike riders are safest when operating their vehicle within Chicago’s traffic laws and ordinances. But we feel his burdening of bike riders with driver frustration is overstated. Automobile drivers get angry […]

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Mourning Star

On the eve of the release of U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind last fall, rumors “leaked” out from the band’s camp that it was a return to form following the poorly received Pop. Phrases like “classic U2” and even “the most beautiful music ever made” made the rounds, and critics for the most […]

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Ah, Wilderness!

Ah, Wilderness!, Griffin Theatre Company. Eugene O’Neill might have imagined a darker than actual youth in Long Day’s Journey Into Night, but in this, his only comedy, he doles out nostalgia for a happy childhood he never knew, glimpsed on an eventful Independence Day in 1906. O’Neill’s Connecticut clan consists of a good-tempered father, a […]