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A few music writers, terminally sick of boy bands and underage dance-pop juggernauts, have leapt to declare Pink the first sign of a changing of the guard in the teen-pop regime. I’m not so sure, if only because Pink (aka 22-year-old Philadephian Alecia Moore) has never seemed all that teen-pop to me: despite her youth […]

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Brothers in Arms

Streamers Blindfaith Theatre at Profiles Theatre David Rabe first made a name for himself writing about Vietnam in the early 70s. American theater needed someone who could write with conviction about Vietnam. And Rabe needed to write. Vietnam hadn’t yet become a cliche. Later shows, such as Miss Saigon, would regularly play the Vietnam card […]

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Reeling 2002

Reeling 2002, the 21st Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival, runs Friday, July 26, through Thursday, August 8. Screenings this week are at the Music Box and Chicago Filmmakers, 5243 N. Clark. Advance tickets can be purchased at Chicago Filmmakers 10 to 6 weekdays, noon to 5 Saturday; same-day tickets are available only at […]

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Immoral Morality

Immoral Morality, Plays Well With Others and the Synergy Therapy Theatre, at the Heartland Studio Theater. The program describes this show as “an original play by Michael Burdick.” But there’s nothing original–and damn little that’s entertaining–in Burdick’s tiresome take on the dysfunctional family. Drug addiction, alcoholism, and mother/son incest are all presented with a sniggering […]

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Generic Latina

Teatro Luna’s new home on the edge of Pilsen is an easy trip from downtown–and a good location for a company that explores the American Latina experience while being accessible to everyone else. The 68-seat air-conditioned space, formerly the Pilsen Theatre, is a narrow, comfortable room now filled by the all-female ensemble’s joyful remount of […]

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Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)

Judy in Disguise (With Glasses), Chemically Imbalanced Productions at Frankie J’s MethaDome Theatre. The concept is overflowing with possibilities: best-selling author Judy McClure (Angela Farruggia) keynotes at a conference for writers with low self-esteem, using her own struggles (presented in flashbacks) to illustrate how one can succeed in spite of an unhappy childhood. Farruggia, also […]

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Savage Love

Decision 2002 Finally! Barring any last-minute technological glitches, Savage Love readers will be able to vote in the “My Man Sure Looks Hot in His Tighty Whities” Contest when cyberpolling opens this Friday, July 26, at 9 AM eastern standard time. But before I reveal the address of the Web site where civic-minded readers can […]

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Anders Svanoe Quintet

Though he works in the relatively small and isolated jazz community of Madison, Wisconsin, reedist Anders Svanoe has nonetheless managed to find several like-minded musicians–such as the quartet Tomato Box, which originally included Svanoe–with whom to develop his mainstream-to-jet-stream approach to improvisation. He’s even found a bona fide mentor–none other than Roscoe Mitchell, a cofounder […]

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Julia Fish

The quiet, meditative work of Julia Fish, one of Chicago’s best artists, became hard to see here after both Chicago galleries that exhibited her moved to New York in the late 90s. Now Rhona Hoffman Gallery is presenting her first Chicago show in four years, the centerpiece of which is the series of ten abstract […]

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City File

Does breast-feeding make babies smarter? Nobody knows for sure. Dr. Anjali Jain of the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital and two colleagues from Yale searched the medical literature and found 40 studies, from 1929 to February 2001, that considered the question (Pediatrics, June 6). They evaluated the studies–and had to throw out 38 of them. […]