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Truck in Pieces

Truck in Pieces, Curious Theatre Branch, at the Lunar Cabaret. Notwithstanding its central character’s mantra–“I’m not going anywhere; where’m I gonna go?”–Beau O’Reilly’s new play tells the story of a journey. O’Reilly’s Bloom, like Joyce’s before him, spends a long day traveling on the fringes of the urban landscape as he struggles to square his […]

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This winner of several “best in Canadian filmmaking” awards, a fable about human disruptions of the natural order, brings an original mix of whimsy and melancholia to the story of Bibi, a 25-year-old manager of high-end boutiques on a downward spiral (played by the beautiful Marie-Jose Croze with an appropriately distanced flatness). After an abortion […]

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The Straight Dope

I believe the “pacemaker danger” signs people put up around microwave ovens are silly and baseless. Surely they spring from some lawyer worried about a suit. Please tell us the real deal. –Nukem All, Houston Here at the Straight Dope we speak to the universal human condition. However, we recognize that a large part of […]

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Friday 8/2 – Thursday 8/8 AUGUST 2 FRIDAY This weekend’s the last chance to catch Susan McLaughlin Karp and Stephanie Shaw in their highly lauded one-woman shows at Live Bait: they’re off to the New York Fringe Festival later this month. Karp’s Still is a frank exploration of the 1987 stillbirth of her daughter three […]

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The Hot L Baltimore/Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts

The Hot L Baltimore, Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company, and Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts, Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company. Thanks to director David Cromer and an unimprovable ensemble, it’s difficult to imagine a more authentic world than Lanford Wilson’s transient hotel, complete with rusty water, fickle heat, and fluorescent-lit ambience. A time warp in every grungy detail, Robert G. […]

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Fillet of Solo Festival

Live Bait Theater’s showcase of one-person performances features old and new work by a slew of fringe artists, among them Stephanie Shaw, Lotti Pharriss, David Kodeski, Mark Gagne, Judith Harding, Karin McKie, Susan McLaughlin Karp, and Kristin Garrison. The festival climaxes with a salute to the late James Grigsby, whose solo show Terminal Madness was […]

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Now Again (New West) is the first new Flatlanders release in three decades–and you could argue that in some ways it’s really the group’s debut. Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and Butch Hancock met in Lubbock, Texas, cut the Flatlanders’ first album in Nashville in 1972, and then settled in Austin. That record, originally released […]

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They Might Be Giants

John Flansburgh and John Linnell, better known as They Might Be Giants, have made a career of writing bite-size, ridiculously catchy tunes, and a quick look through their songbook reveals a playful preoccupation with grade-school subjects: science (“Why Does the Sun Shine?”), American history (“James K. Polk”), art (“Meet James Ensor”), geography (Linnell’s solo album […]

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I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

Director Sam Jones set out to document a recording project by the innovative and critically acclaimed country-rock band Wilco, then stumbled onto one of the bigger music stories of 2001 when Reprise Records decided the album wasn’t a moneymaker and abruptly dropped the band from its roster. This black-and-white film is beautifully shot, and its […]