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Aven’u Boys

Aven’u Boys, Circle Theatre. You can tell Frank Pugliese is an award-winning television writer: he’s great at attention-grabbing moments–suddenly violent conversations, suddenly sexy arguments. Surprising plot developments always occur just about the time one gets the urge to see what’s on another channel. Most important, though, Pugliese has nothing new to say, which is very […]

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Keep It to Yourself

Your article “Men at Work” [August 2] was completely unnecessary. The author acts like it was Hollywood visiting Chicago. Who cares? First of all, not all of your readers are gay. Furthermore, of the ones who are, not all like to look at pornos. Your article was about sleazy men that have absolutely no respect […]

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100 Years of Richard Rodgers

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of composer Richard Rodgers, and some of the Chicago area’s top cabaret singers and pianists join forces this Friday and Saturday to celebrate the show-tune king’s centennial with two programs of his music. The performers are all members of Chicago Cabaret Professionals, an organization founded in […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Twenty years ago Coral Eugene Watts was apprehended in Houston trying to drown a woman in her apartment and confessed to 13 murders; lacking physical evidence against him for the murders, the prosecutor negotiated a controversial plea bargain in which Watts was sentenced to 60 years without the possibility of parole for “aggravated […]

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Sins of the Righteous

Madam/Sir: I have just now read “Letters” on page three of your 2002/07/12 issue. I find the letter “That Blasphemous Cartoon,” ostensibly penned by Raymond E. Drake, president of the “American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property,” to be so rife with vile invective that it demands a retort. Mr. Drake is […]

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Going, Going…

Age: 34 Occupation: Commercial broker, appraiser, TV producer, harmonica player. Apartment size: Three rooms. Mortgage: $500 Location: Wrigleyville Years in apartment: Ten, but he’s moving–the apartment is on the market. Price ten years ago: $51,000 Asking price today: $159,000 He’s given away: Chairs, lamps, plants, books, harmonicas (one to a customer, from a box filled […]

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All Over the Map

Twenty-six years ago, Reynaldo and Nell Garcia set out to create a gathering place for Chicago’s growing Filipino population. They had no restaurant experience–Reynaldo was working as a chemist, Nell as a nurse–but they believed their fellow expats would appreciate a place where they could relax with friends and enjoy some native dishes. The Garcias […]

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What Are You in For?

Dear editors, I am writing to you today regarding the blasphemous cartoon you recently ran entitled “Buff Jesus” [“Papal Makeover,” La Petite Camera, June 21]. Is the artist who pens that cartoon intentionally trying to revile God? If so, that is a crime under the common law. Blasphemy has been held to be a crime […]

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Standing on Ceremony

Standing on Ceremony, Second City Theatricals, at Second City E.T.C. Anyone who’s been a bride or groom appreciates the trauma, sweetness, and absurdity of “starring” in a wedding. Second City Detroit writer-performers Maribeth Monroe and Kirk Hanley, playing unmarried cohabitants Mike and Meg, explore the angst of the extras: the guests. An invitation to a […]

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Reader to Reader

One morning I dashed across the lawn of my building to catch the 146 bus, arriving breathless behind a jovial woman who was trying to stuff coins into the jammed hopper. The bus driver was trying to cover it with his hand. “What I’m telling you is that it’s not working,” he said with cold […]

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Mary? Quite Contrary

The Our Town item in the 8/9 Reader entitled “Do You See What I See?” had me shaking my head in disbelief, not so much because of the incredible hokum involved in this farce but because the Reader actually saw fit to give up two pages of print and photo space to Sebastian Cuaya’s confabulation. […]

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Curtis Stigers

About a year and a half ago, Curtis Stigers released his first album as a jazz singer–and an awfully good one at that. But I’d guess that Baby Plays Around (Concord) took his old fans by surprise: After all, this is the same Curtis Stigers who hit the charts as a blue-eyed soul man back […]