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Poetry Slam

Dear editors, In Ms. Deanna Isaacs’s article in Section Two of the August 16 Reader, “Bad to Verse,” Ms. Effie Mihopoulos is quoted as saying that “fest coordinators were upset from past fests when there was a big controversy over obscene and inappropriate imagery in Adam Swinford-Wasem’s poetry, which…was broadcast over the loudspeaker throughout the […]

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WTC Uncut

Seeing the twin towers burning from the office of his video company, Steven Mudrick set up a camera and kept it running until after the buildings collapsed, and in the days that followed he and Bryan Kortis roamed New York, taping interviews with survivors and sounds of the city. The sound track of this 76-minute […]

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Drummer Richard Harrison and trumpeter Andy Diagram have played together in many guises since the early 80s: in the new-wave dance band Dislocation Dance, in the squawky jazz-rock band the Honkies, with Pere Ubu front man David Thomas as his 2 Pale Boys. But since 1989 the Mancunians’ main gig has been the tuneful drum […]

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Alison Moorer

Allison Moorer has never fit in with Wal-Mart fembots like Shania Twain and Faith Hill, but she did give it the old college try on two albums for MCA, baiting country radio with mushy romantic lyrics and soft-rock production touches. The programmers didn’t bite, and now Moorer seems to have taken their disinterest as a […]

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Truck in Pieces

There’s something wonderfully sweet about Beau O’Reilly’s most recent piece, though the word sounds strange in connection with a washed-up fighter and his washed-out dreams. An ordinary day in the life of Truck, ne Leonard Bloom, as he reflects on the past and searches for his place in the present, it’s also a subtle and […]

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Morlembaum 2 & Ryuichi Sakamoto

The new album Casa (Sony Classical) unites Brazilian cellist Jaques Morelenbaum and his wife, Paula, with Japanese composer and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, who’s collaborated with the cellist on and off since the early 90s; the program comprises compositions both famous and obscure by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and it’s steeped in atmosphere and history. In the […]

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City File

Remember when poor neighborhoods were crowded? Geographer Deborah Popper, writing in the Chicago-based Planning (July): “Population loss in the Northeast, Midwest, and South has meant more open space within cities, often disconcertingly so. Long-term decline has often led to neighborhoods filled with abandoned buildings and overgrown, litter-filled empty lots, where public health hazards and crime […]

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Mexican Death Trip

An Homage to Don Manuel on His 100th Birthday: Manuel Alvarez Bravo at the Art Institute, through October 6 A young girl stands with her arms resting on the railing of a balcony, a tiny patch of sun on her shoulder intensifying the effect of shadow on the rest of her figure. Her gaze down […]

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The Straight Dope

You haven’t had a really odd column in a while–how about an overview of trepanning? Who are some of the people availing themselves of this “earliest known surgery” and why are they allowed to run around loose (if in fact they are)? KIDS, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! –hraka Sound advice for troubled times, bub. […]