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King of Bluster

Henry 5 Hypocrites at the Storefront Theater Few of Shakespeare’s characters have spawned more debate than Henry V. The historical figure was apparently an unequivocal menace: “He seemed to have no idea of any rule or right or wrong but brute force, glossed over with a little religious hypocrisy and archiepiscopal advice,” William Hazlitt wrote […]

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Spot Check

INTERPOL 9/6, EMPTY BOTTLE This New York band, which released a single on Glasgow’s Chemikal Underground label before getting signed closer to home, has been compared left and right to Joy Division. I don’t hear it myself, except superficially: Joy Division was the last band to successfully render true despair into beautiful ugly rock; most […]

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Oversensitive Poets

Dear editors: Funny how performance poets, who aim largely to be provocateurs, toss a conniption on those rare occasions when they succeed [Culture Club, August 16]. One ear’s choir preacher is another ear’s rhetorical offender, and the numerous out-loud readers who embrace those roles should be ready at least with quick wit, quick fists, or–God […]

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Titanic, Open Eye Productions, at the Athenaeum Theatre. Christopher Durang’s scripts haven’t worn well: his sexual shock tactics seem sophomoric, and his rants against rotten parents and erotic repression just so much whining. The setting of his 1974 play–the doomed White Star liner–is moot. Though this 65-minute exercise in absurd anachronism is as frenzied as […]

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Unpalatable Hogwash

To the editor: Tori Marlan is courageous indeed for daring to write about the notoriously vindictive “church” of Scientology [“Death of a Scientologist,” August 16]. For all the pains Scientology defenders take to compare themselves to other faiths like Judaism, Catholicism, etc, there is one major difference. At least Catholics will cop to believing certain […]

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Film Without a Title

On location in the country, a film director, a screenwriter, and an actor encounter a middle-aged antique dealer and a farm girl who’ve recently become engaged, and the news sets off a Pirandellian exercise in which each of the filmmakers argues how best to tell a love story amid the ruin of postwar Germany. This […]

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Marcus Schmickler

In the electronic music world Marcus Schmickler is a real Renaissance man. Under the name Pluramon, the Cologne resident has developed a thoroughly modern take on Krautrock, stretching a colorful blend of treated electric guitar and digital noise over hugely propulsive drumming–provided in part by former Can percussionist Jaki Liebezeit. He’s also a member of […]

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The Pat and Tyler Show

The Pat and Tyler Show, Head Cheese-Fat Boss Productions, at Frankie J’s MethaDome Theatre. This late-night sketch-comedy show is a lot like channel surfing–except that there’s something good on most of the channels here, mimicking different kinds of TV shows with great wit and silliness. The Monty Python-esque “British Insult Theatre,” a “Cereal Killers” crime […]

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Poetry Slam

Dear editors, In Ms. Deanna Isaacs’s article in Section Two of the August 16 Reader, “Bad to Verse,” Ms. Effie Mihopoulos is quoted as saying that “fest coordinators were upset from past fests when there was a big controversy over obscene and inappropriate imagery in Adam Swinford-Wasem’s poetry, which…was broadcast over the loudspeaker throughout the […]

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WTC Uncut

Seeing the twin towers burning from the office of his video company, Steven Mudrick set up a camera and kept it running until after the buildings collapsed, and in the days that followed he and Bryan Kortis roamed New York, taping interviews with survivors and sounds of the city. The sound track of this 76-minute […]