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Beachwood Sparks

More musical crimes have been committed in the name of Gram Parsons than I have room to list here, so the promise of another band dipping its toes in the same warm creek as the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers doesn’t necessarily fill me with anticipation. And last year’s Beachwood Sparks, the debut album […]

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Les Savy Fav, !!!

“What we don’t know / Could fill a truck / What we don’t know / Cannot hurt us,” declares Tim Harrington at the start of Les Savy Fav’s new Go Forth (Frenchkiss). Well, actually it can, as the Brooklyn quartet and the rest of country have discovered in recent months. But the song was recorded […]

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In the post-postrock era, when electronic jazz induces trance as often as dance, I’m becoming almost nostalgic for the fusion years. A great many albums that sounded trite within a few years of their release now strike with power and in some cases integrity, and even records by mediocre bands have aged well compared to […]

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(International) Noise Conspiracy

In the liner notes to their 1999 singles collection The First Conspiracy, this Swedish garage band identified themselves as “a secret society, an underground, a group of urban terrorists aiming to question and attack every instance of our culture.” When the Canadian Web site World Wide Punk subsequently asked Dennis Lyxzen, the band’s front man […]

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Ask a Doctor

I want to respond to Rose Spinelli’s article on the dispute within the chiropractic field [October 26]. She forgets to include the perspective of what she dismissively calls “traditional”–that is, science-based allopathic–medicine. If she had done this the dispute between the straights and the mixers would be seen in a different light. For one thing, […]

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Know Your Bridges

Dear Jonathan Rosenbaum: Richard Linklater and the publicity staff of Waking Life may insist that their film contains “no geographical references,” but aside from the “incidental,” allusive representation of Austin that you noticed (via a shot of the state capitol building), another concrete, unequivocal example exists in the film. The bridge that Speed Levitch and […]

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Birol Topaloglu

The ongoing struggles of Turkish Kurds to retain their ethnic identity provide a dramatic and highly visible example of the conflict between regional cultures and nation-states. But the plight of the Laz, though far more obscure, is no less compelling. The Laz are a small ethnic group clustered along the Black Sea in northeastern Turkey […]

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The Truth About Florida

Greetings, and thanks for mentioning the stifled National Opinion Research Center report on Florida ballots [Hot Type, October 19]. It may be the case that the only way the public will see this information is if it is subpoenaed as part of a congressional investigation or as evidence in a legal dispute. The news sources […]

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Chicago Humanities Festival

The 12th annual festival, which runs through November 11, offers dozens of lectures, readings, and discussions by writers and scholars on the theme of “Words & Pictures,” as well as movies and musical and theatrical performances (see listings in this section and in Section Three). The following events take place at these locations: Alliance Francaise, […]

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A Little Night Music and Pacific Overtures

A Little Night Music, Porchlight Theatre, at the Theatre Building, and Pacific Overtures, Chicago Shakespeare Theater. With its tender, hummable songs and wry comic tale of sexual intrigue and midlife romance, composer Stephen Sondheim and director Harold Prince’s A Little Night Music–scripted by Hugh Wheeler, based on Ingmar Bergman’s film Smiles of a Summer Night–was […]