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Box Set

Box Set, WNEP Theater. Two solo shows of short comic sketches by ImprovOlympic veterans have been packaged together here, though it’s not clear why: they have very different themes, and while one is sterling enough to stand on its own, the other needs rethinking. Something Suite, written and performed by Dina Facklis and directed by […]

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Spirited Away

Enchanting and impressively crafted, this animation feature by Hayao Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke) fulfills the twin criteria of a classic fantasy: it transports us to an alternate world with a beguiling logic all its own, and in doing so it teaches us to understand ourselves better. Chihiro, a bratty ten-year-old, is moving to […]

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Reader to Reader

While walking south on LaSalle between Erie and Ontario I was approached by a man wearing jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt, like me, who also like me had a toothpick sticking out of his mouth. Possibly because he was black and I’m white, he assured me that he wasn’t a criminal or a vagrant before […]

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Talkin’ Baseball and Titans & Tall Tales

Talkin’ Baseball and Titans & Tall Tales, Raven Theatre. The “titans” portion of this baseball-themed evening is a collection of tributes to diamond legends, adapted from a book by Kevin Nelson and presented in overlapping monologues and vintage-slide projection. The list of those profiled–Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Bill Veeck, Willie Mays, and Mark Fidrych–reflects the […]

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Savage Love

Whenever we are making love, my girlfriend begs me to say “sexy things” to her. I have no clue as to what she means or what to say. She tells me she’s turned on by “dirty” talk. Can you please give me some examples of sexy things to say? Or where can I get educated […]

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Critic, Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

In his review on Metropolis [August 16] Jonathan Rosenbaum calls President Bush a “warmonger.” Is Mr. Rosenbaum’s job to review movies or make political statements? “Warmongers” such as President Bush are the reason egomaniacs like Mr. Rosenbaum can make a living reviewing movies. Does Mr. Rosenbaum really think he could make a living reviewing movies […]

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Sports Section

Like many another White Sox fan, I circled September 20 on my wallet schedule back in March. The day would bring the Minnesota Twins to Comiskey Park for the first of six games against the Sox over the last ten days of the regular season. The young and hungry Twins had led the American League […]

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Relapsing Catholics

Dear Ed., With reference to Garry Wills (City File, 9/6/02) and Catholicism: This latest is very disappointing, to say the least. In the end, such “critics” end up repentantly in the fold, tail dragging woefully behind. Despite some really good “dissident” books, Wills ends up with very traditional and unecumenical rationalizations. They really did a […]