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Relapsing Catholics

Dear Ed., With reference to Garry Wills (City File, 9/6/02) and Catholicism: This latest is very disappointing, to say the least. In the end, such “critics” end up repentantly in the fold, tail dragging woefully behind. Despite some really good “dissident” books, Wills ends up with very traditional and unecumenical rationalizations. They really did a […]

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Spot Check

ELF POWER 9/27, ABBEY PUB These Athens art-pop wags have always displayed their influences proudly, but their sixth full-length is a bona fide covers album, Nothing’s Going to Happen (Orange Twin). Though the wide stylistic range gives the disc a jumbled, jukebox quality, the band salutes expected and unexpected influences alike with puckish verve and […]