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Talk About Bias

I found it quite interesting in your 11/15/02 article “Man Bites Watchdogs,” by Michael Miner, how bias was clearly detectable in an article about bias. First off, let me say I believe it was an important article, talking about the hot-button issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the remarkable spin campaign of the Israelis. It’s […]

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Christmas Mourning

James Joyce’s The Dead Court Theatre Young writers reach their greatest eloquence in dwelling upon the horrors of middle age and what follows it. –Richard Ellmann, James Joyce It is true, it is true, we are shadows cold and wan / And the fair and the brave whom we loved on earth are gone. –Thomas […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In October in Alberta, Canada, provincial judge Shelagh Creagh ruled that inmate Shane Arthur Wilson could not be punished for carrying a homemade plastic knife, because Wilson had argued he needed the shank to defend himself against jailhouse gangs. (The decision has outraged prison guards across the country.) And in November a Washington […]

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Memories of Viola

Memories of Viola, Artistic Home. Suppose Romeo and Juliet hadn’t been cut down in their teens. Suppose they’d met and married without any unusual controversy, grown old together, gotten to know each other’s bad habits, conducted their little betrayals–had, in short, the standard chance to get good and sick of each other the way old […]

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Petty Crime

MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 3100 BLOCK OF NORTH HUDSON, 9 PM. Burglary. 32-year-old female victim, startled by noise in kitchen, fled apartment for neighbor’s. Upon returning discovered kitchen window open and potted arugula plant missing. Police observed offender had to scale 15 feet to reach plant, valued at $9.90. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 100 BLOCK OF WEST […]

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Prewar Jitters

Man Hunt *** (A must-see) Directed by Fritz Lang Written by Dudley Nichols With Walter Pidgeon, Joan Bennett, George Sanders, John Carradine, Roddy McDowall, Heather Thatcher, and Frederick Worlock. A sparkling new 35-millimeter print of Fritz Lang’s 1941 Man Hunt is running at the Gene Siskel Film Center all this week, and I can recommend […]

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Gregoire Moulin Versus Humanity

Hands down, this is the funniest film I’ve seen all year. French character actor Artus de Penguern (best known in the States as Hipolito the writer in Amelie) makes his feature-directing debut with this 2001 rip-off of Martin Scorsese’s After Hours, and though it’s not quite as dark as its New York predecessor, its ironic […]

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Finders Keepers: bazaar rituals of the holiday season

You say your holiday shopping list includes a Vietnamese silk painting? A handwoven shawl? An armchair for your dog? You’re in luck. Those items, plus thousands more–from bottle-cap jewelry to out-of-print books on Native American art–are for sale at this year’s assortment of local holiday bazaars, craft fairs, and fine art extravaganzas. A selection follows. […]

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Savage Love

A coworker and I share a huge amount of sexual energy. The primary issue is that he’s 17 and I’m closer to 30. My attraction to him is likely related to a (mild) distrust of men, an issue I’m working through with a therapist. I’m not interested in a relationship, and I’m sure at 17 […]