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Fudoh: The Next Generation

Or “I Was a Teenage Yakuza.” Japanese director Takashi Miike scored his first big American success with the erotic suspense film Audition (1999), but he already had 18 films to his credit in 1996, when he made this masterfully executed and hilariously hyperbolic gangland drama. Ten years after seeing his brother murdered by his yakuza […]

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Savage Love

I am a 22-year-old virgin going to college in Texas. I have never had a girlfriend (from a stupid foreign culture, my mom doesn’t allow dating, etc) and will wind up in an arranged marriage in two years. What point is there for me to get in a relationship when I’m destined for an arranged […]

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Blood on His Hands

Gangs of New York *** (A must-see) Directed by Martin Scorsese Written by Jay Cocks, Steven Zaillian, and Kenneth Lonergan With Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Liam Neeson, Jim Broadbent, John C. Reilly, Henry Thomas, Brendan Gleeson, and David Hemmings. For almost the first two-thirds of Martin Scorsese’s 168-minute Gangs of New York, I […]

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Seussical the Musical

Seussical the Musical, Cadillac Palace Theatre. You know you’re in trouble when the funniest parts of a musical based on the verse of Dr. Seuss have nothing to do with the source. Gymnast-singer Cathy Rigby, star of this touring production, gets laughs by spraying viewers with liquid string, leaping into the laps of box-seat patrons, […]

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Sports Section

Last summer Major League Baseball polled fans on the most memorable moment in baseball history. It provided a ballot full of suggestions, such as Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier, Cal Ripken snapping Lou Gehrig’s consecutive-game record (the eventual winner), and Carlton Fisk’s game-winning World Series homer in 1975. But none of my own most […]

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Spot Check

BUMPUS 12/20, METRO How funny is it that one of Chicago’s best funk outfits looks so much like an emo band? The loss of charismatic singer Rachael Yamagata to RCA could have robbed Bumpus of more than just stage presence, but to compensate they’ve piled on instrumental muscle, enlisting a new keyboardist and a new […]

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Violent Visions

Kazimierz Kalkowski at the Society for Arts, through January 6 The bizarre figures and gnarled forms in Kazimierz Kalkowski’s 29 ceramic sculptures at the Society for Arts recall the tradition of the grotesque: in her catalog essay, Zofia Watrak links Kalkowski to Bosch, Brueghel, Callot, Goya, and Daumier. But his work is also in the […]

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Winter Pageant

Secular humanists and pagans need holiday cheer too, and Redmoon Theater’s deliberately artless annual celebration of the winter solstice gives it to them. This year Lookingglass Theatre stalwart John Musial conceived and directs the show, and musical polymath Mark Messing heads up the four-piece band. A beleaguered mother (Meghan Strell) and her daughter (Katie Connolly) […]