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TRG Music Listings

Rock, Pop, etc. concerts ANITA BAKER Fri 12/27 and Sat 12/28, 8 PM, Star Plaza Theatre, I-65 and U.S. 30, Merrillville, Indiana. 773-734-7266 or 312-559-1212. IRENE BEDARD & DENI Tue 12/31, 9 PM, American Indian Center, 1630 W. Wilson. 773-275-5871. BoDEANS, VIOLENT FEMMES, NICHOLAS TREMULIS ORCHESTRA Tue 12/31, 8 PM, Grand Ballroom, Navy Pier, 600 […]

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Seeing Aquamarine

You’ve heard of crying Virgin Marys, haven’t you? Slabs of stone fashioned into delicate curves, painted baby blue and veiled in white, always in some faraway cathedral run by an eccentric priest who’s traveled the world in search of miracles only to find one standing on his lonely altar, hands pressed together in eternal prayer? […]

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Tomatoes Are Fruit

We were learning about vegetables in school: what made a vegetable a vegetable, how we should eat lots of them, how they grew, and whatnot. Vegetables grew in the ground, they were roots; fruits came off trees and had seeds. So when mother sent me to school with a million tomatoes from our garden–not for […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Sure to be next in the England-to-America TV pipeline: In 2003 London’s Channel Five will air a one-off reality program featuring C-list celebrities in detox. Four “contestants” will go to an island for a week to undergo enemas and colonic irrigations, in some cases on camera; a station spokeswoman told the Independent earlier […]

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Chuck Barris’s fanciful 1984 autobiography has been kicking around Hollywood almost as long as Barris was kicking around network television, and George Clooney has finally brought it to the screen as his directing debut. Written by Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation), it charts the rise of a young man on the make (Sam Rockwell […]

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How He Survives

The cholesterol study ended and the next day he was hungry again, glaring at the diners through restaurant windows on Halsted, yanking at the collar of his thin, incompetent coat. Only October and already too cold; just the next day and hungry again. The human body–a bad design–always about to die, and nothing in the […]

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Savage Love

A few weeks back I invited readers to share their most horrifying true stories of desperate and/or depressing holiday sex. As promised, the author of the best horrifying true story–as determined by me–wins a $75 Toys in Babeland gift certificate. See if you can spot the winner before you get to the end of the […]

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Spot Check

THE COUNTDOWN 12/27, EMPTY BOTTLE It’s always good to see musicians refuse to give up in a huff when their band falls apart. After all, maybe the second time’s the charm. Or the ninth. This duo rose from the ashes of Entertainment and Starball, two local groups that never quite got off the ground commercially […]

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47th Street Black

We use to watch the big cars roll west on 47th Street, Lord’s sun shinin off black paint jobs, brighter than it shined against skin. We’d follow um for blocks–Southpark down to where the strip met Indiana Avenue at least. But they didn’t never stop, not for us, not even for the red lights. Just […]

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Marvin’s Room

For the inaugural production in its new space last summer, Raven Theatre staged Chicago playwright Scott McPherson’s Marvin’s Room. Extended once again, this wonderful comedy drama celebrates life and love while confronting serious illness with humor, honesty, and an eye for human frailty. A wounded family beset by illness is brought together by yet another […]