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Dreams From an Upside Down Man

Dreams From an Upside Down Man, at the Chicago Cultural Center. A certain wonder attends even the crudest puppetry, a magic born of the art’s literal take on the objectification inherent in performance. This unfortunately can engender shows weak on content or technique–or, as in writer-director Michael Montenegro’s Dreams From an Upside Down Man, both. […]

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Milly’s Orchid Show’s Spring Spectacular

David Cale is relentlessly unassuming and subtle onstage, nothing like the manic, quicksilver John Leguizamo. Cale’s material is devoid of high-octane social and political rants, unlike Eric Bogosian’s. He avoids torturous explorations of his personal demons, unlike Spalding Gray. And he’s the most consistently satisfying, funny, insightful, and moving solo performer I’ve ever seen–Cale understands […]

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Petty Crime

Thursday, January 30, 3900 block of West 57th Place, 3:30 PM. Burglary. 82-year-old man reported house keys missing after allowing two girls to use his phone. Upon returning from police station, victim discovered his keys on the front porch; missing from inside were items including a World War II-era Luger, a Beretta, a Mauser, and […]

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Savage Love

I am a straight male in an exclusive relationship. My girlfriend and I have been together for two years, and her need for sex has dwindled. Any attempt to discuss this leads to tears and blame, i.e., “I am not into sex because you…” or “Everything would be fine if only you would…” My most […]