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Spangle-Hoof Sandwich, Right!

Soiree Dada: Goat Pushing Clown WNEP Theater, through May 9 It’s easy to think of Dada, the furious but short-lived performance movement that screamed its way into international consciousness during World War I, as a historical oddity. But as director Joe Janes and the WNEP Theater show in their edgy and insolent Soiree Dada: Goat […]

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Postal Service

In 2001, Benjamin Gibbard of the Seattle indie-rock band Death Cab for Cutie collaborated with Jimmy Tamborello, aka glitch-popper Dntel, on “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan,” a track on Dntel’s album Life Is Full of Possibilities. Combining Gibbard’s plaintive vocals with Tamborello’s static, pings, and tinny beats, the song became a hit […]

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APRIL 18 FRIDAY The movie musical West Side Story beat out Fanny, The Hustler, The Guns of Navarone, and Judgment at Nuremburg to win the 1961 Academy Award for best picture–one of ten Oscars it took. Now it’s the latest film to be flogged on a sing-along tour that coincides with its release on DVD. […]