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Chicago Improv Festival

The sixth edition of this annual orgy of improvisational comedy brings together performers from around the U.S. and from our allies abroad–think of it as a coalition of the comically willing. (Chicago, of course, is heavily represented.) This year’s festival, the largest yet, is divided into several series–Mainstage, Showcase, Sketch, Solo, Duo, and Fringe–as well […]

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More than six million kids participate in spelling bees across the country, but only about 250 make the national, held yearly in Washington, D.C. For the contestants and their families the experience is at once intimidating and exhilarating, a character-building test of memory, intelligence, and resilience. This documentary by first-time director Jeff Blitz profiles eight […]

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The Book of Liz

The Book of Liz, Roadworks Productions, at the Chopin Theatre. Brother and sister David and Amy Sedaris are almost bullet proof. David Sedaris is rightfully adored for his achingly funny collection Barrel Fever–never mind that the he-who-rants-loudest formula has worn thin in successive works. Amy Sedaris is brilliant too, though her output is as erratic […]

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Adult., Magas, Tamion 12 Inch

Adult. could’ve ridden their wave of underground popularity straight into a rut; instead the Detroit electro act made Anxiety Always (on their own Ersatz Audio), an album that’s sure to alienate a bunch of their fans. Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus have ditched melancholy sweetness and the Kraftwerk vibe in favor of increased paranoia. […]

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So Funny It Hurts

Lysistrata Running With Scissors at the Viaduct Theater Great sociopolitical humor is a true challenge. Too much moral outrage leads to the sort of rambling ragefests that Lenny Bruce indulged in late in his career. But focusing solely on the ridiculous yields the pointless jokefests that have been the province of Saturday Night Live and […]

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Keiko Hara

Keiko Hara was born to Japanese parents in Korea in 1942 but grew up in Japan and moved to the U.S. in 1971. Her 20 abstract paintings, prints, and drawings at Perimeter all have delicate surfaces that are vibrantly suggestive–less systematically than many abstract works, they evoke atmospheres or environments rather than objects, placing them […]

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Schneider TM

From the music-box melodies of Aphex Twin to the dewy-eyed romanticism of laptopper Jake Mandell, armchair techno has often skirted the edge of twee. But Dirk Dresselhaus, aka Schneider TM, dives right in. The Berlin producer’s 2000 collaboration with KPT.michi.gan, the Binokular EP, featured “The Light 3000,” a remake of the Smiths’ “There Is a […]

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TRG Music Listings

Rock, Pop, Etc. Concerts GRETA CLARK with pianist Jack Short. Sat 5/17 and Sat 5/24, 11 PM, Theatre Building, 1225 W. Belmont. 773-327-5252. SAKIRA DILLARD, SAMANTHA GLORIA BANNISTER & others perform as part of “Artistic Affairs.” Sat 5/17, 6:30 PM, Gerald Griffin Gallery, 372 W. Ontario. 312-335-9697. DOC BAND Fri 5/16, 8 PM, Breadline Theatre, […]