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Wrongheaded Thinking

In the front-page story “A World of Hurt” (April 18), Charlie Frago describes two of his students as “dark-skinned…and incredibly violent.” Well, one can certainly see that Charlie made the best of his American education. The bias of white is right, black is bad has been the basis of American policy since the pilgrims landed […]

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Paradise Island

Many times when underground stars go solo, their experimental, self-indulgent wank-offs seem designed to test the loyalty of their fans. (Azita Youssefi and Kathleen Hanna, I’m lookin’ at you.) That’s not the way it has to be, though, as demonstrated by the innocent and sincere music of Paradise Island, aka Jenny Hoyston, who sings and […]

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Friday 5/16 – Thursday 5/22 MAY 16 FRIDAY The Chicago-based Rebel Grrrl collective was founded two years ago when three women hooked up to put out a zine of the same name. “Ladyfest was sort of the catalyst for deciding to do the zine in the first place,” says Julie, one of the three. “Originally […]