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Two-Penny Hangover and Other Stories

Two-Penny Hangover and Other Stories, LID Productions, at the Side Studio. This hour-long late-night show of 12 playlets delivers just the kind of snack suitable to a past-your-bedtime entertainment. Like tapas, the sketches are served in easily digestible portions, and they’re provocative without being taxing. This collaborative effort by a company of twentysomethings, with pieces […]

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Hiroshi Sugimoto

You can’t see Hiroshi Sugimoto’s 30 black-and-white studies of architectural interiors and exteriors, most from the 20th century, when you stand on the threshold of the galleries where they’re displayed, just an austere grid of gray monoliths on a gray concrete floor. But once inside the shadow-creased rooms, you can follow the track lights trained […]

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Parade of Victims

I am offended and insulted at your wrongheaded decision to print nothing but whiny complaint letters in your 5/16/03 issue! The first letter writer is offended and demeaned by what he perceives as a judgmentalism vis-a-vis living with a disability. The second letter writer is disgusted and insulted by the theme of one of your […]

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Rats and Vision Man

These two 1999 nature documentaries show a respect for their subjects rare in the genre. Rats documents the power that the rodents wield in New York City, where we see a family abandon its home to them. Director Mark Lewis (Cane Toads) incorporates quirky, telling details–New Yorkers bite each other more frequently than they are […]

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Savage Love

I am a female college sophomore whose boyfriend is currently studying abroad. I’ve been thinking about ending the relationship since I’m sick of the long-distance thing. Here’s the problem: I recently heard that at the beginning of last semester, which was before we started dating, he date-raped two girls. The story goes that on two […]

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Good Evidence

I don’t know Charlie Frago. However, after reading his story “A World of Hurt” [April 18], I suspect that Amirah from Evanston got it all wrong in her letter accusing him of “subtle racism” [May 16]. Frago didn’t think that the children in question were “incredibly violent” because they were dark skinned–he thought they were […]

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Preparing for Takeoff

Tick, Tick…Boom! Shubert Theatre Golden lads and girls all must, As chimney sweepers, come to dust. –Shakespeare, Cymbeline Jonathan, the scrappy, talented, neurotic hero of Tick, Tick…Boom!, is a man in crisis. It’s 1990, he’s a week away from his 30th birthday, and while his friends are whizzing along in BMWs he seems to be […]

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The Shape of Things

Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty) delivers his most interesting and powerful film to date, though it’s also his most unpleasant and disturbing. Set at a small college, it concentrates on the evolving relationship between a shy nerd (Paul Rudd) and a brazen artist (coproducer Rachel Weisz), as well as his best […]

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And Your Little Cat, Too

As admirable as Rene Lozano is in his work as an animal control officer [May 9], Josh Schonwald missed an opportunity to educate your readers further, specifically in stating that dog packs are “more likely to threaten cats.” Many otherwise intelligent people believe cats must roam, but the truth is that neither cats nor dogs […]

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Trad Gets Trumped

21 AD Asia at Link’s Hall, May 9-11 Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski at the Dance Center of Columbia College, May 1-3 Jump Rhythm Jazz Project at the Vittum Theater, May 7-11 Every art form has its purists and its pollinators–and often they’re at loggerheads. Plenty of jazz musicians still refer to fusion as “the F […]