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Bad Girls

Boys! Tea Company at TinFish Theatre How We Grew Breasts Without Really Trying Keyhole Players at the Josephinum It seems every woman in America has heard Oprah’s message that women are special because they’re women. That we’re part of some exclusive group that happens to comprise half the population. Thanks to Oprah and others–Eve Ensler […]

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Fanfare Ciocarlia

Contemporary Gypsy brass music has its roots in the Turkish military bands that faded along with the Ottoman Empire, but over the last century it has evolved into its own distinct style. This celebratory music is often heard at weddings–and after seeing a couple performances by Serbia’s great Boban Markovich (whose contributions to the sound […]

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Spot Check

BRIGHTER DEATH NOW 6/13, EMPTY BOTTLE Swedish composer Roger Karmanik began this project with self-released cassettes in the late 80s, later branching out into a long discography of CDs (mostly on the Cold Meat International label, with moments on Relapse) and compilation appearances. His audience runs the gamut from tripped-out electronica fans who dig his […]

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Raw Vision

ABCD: A Collection of Art Brut at Chicago Cultural Center, through June 29 When I saw the “Outsider Art” show at the Chicago Cultural Center six years ago, I called it “inspiring and startling and visionary.” I also felt the need to point out that such work generally lacks the visual refinement of artists such […]

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Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web, Homegrown Theatre Company, at WNEP Theater. In Joseph Robinette’s loyal adaptation of E.B. White’s children’s classic, Susan Wingerter as likable Wilbur the pig and Jenny Lamb as the smart, selfless spider Charlotte make a winning pair. The production also features an amusingly grumpy rat (Ryan Mcabe), a giddy Goose and Gander (Jen Santenello […]

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Puccini’s extravagant operas haven’t fared well in the movies; the medium magnifies theatricality, and close-ups of singers belting out arias can be distracting, especially if they don’t quite look the part. Director Benoit Jacquot plays with these limitations in this 2001 version of Tosca, a melodrama so lurid it invites caricature. The libretto has been […]

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City File

We’re number five! Nationwide, just 3 percent of us commute to work on foot. But according to Mark Alan Hughes (Philadelphia Daily News, May 20), there are sections of cities where over half the population walks to work: 1.9 square miles in downtown Philadelphia that’s home to 38,000 people, 1.5 square miles in Boston and […]

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Regina Carter

Like most violinists, Regina Carter started out playing classical music. But she grew up black in Detroit in the 60s, making it almost inevitable that she would also internalize the Motown sound, and she gravitated to jazz while studying at the New England Conservatory of Music. She’s since worked with artists as different as jazz […]

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Parting Words

As a former member and past copresident of Artemisia Gallery, I would like to comment on your announcement of Artemisia’s closing in Culture Club (May 9). Rhona Hoffman’s negative quote was an ungenerous ending to the last bit of publicity for a gallery that has served a few thousand artists over 30 years. I would […]

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Los Hombres Calientes

When most people think of New Orleans’s heritage, they think of the French influence, which mark everything from street names to Cajun music to the city’s cuisine. But the city’s culture stems as much from its Spanish influence, which runs thick and fast through the work of Los Hombres Calientes, the irresistible musical tidepool presided […]