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Friday 7/4 – Thursday 7/10 JULY 4 FRIDAY “It’s very festive. We always have lots of flags, and it has a totally patriotic theme,” says a spokesperson for today’s fifth annual All-American 8K Run. Registration for the Lincoln Park race, a fund-raiser for the American Heart Association, costs $30 cash and runs from 6:30 to […]

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Savage Love: Santorum etiquette

Q I am new to anal sex and enjoy it, despite the embarrassment of occasional santorum. But I’ve wondered about this for a while: Is the person receiving supposed to have an enema first? I’ve heard about people “cleaning themselves out,” and I assume that’s because they don’t want to make any santorum, but is […]

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Goodman Latino Theater Festival

Ensembles from Spain and Mexico join local Latino troupes in the Goodman Theatre’s first-ever showcase of readings, performances, and discussions in both Spanish and English. Coordinated by Henry Godinez, the fest features work by Chicago’s Teatro Vista, Aguijon Theater Company, and Teatro Luna as well as Mexico’s Certain Inhabitants’ Theatre and Spain’s Compania Marta Carrasco. […]

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Abdullah Ibrahim

In 1962 pianist Abdullah Ibrahim left South Africa for Switzerland, where he was discovered the next year by Duke Ellington, who produced his northern-hemisphere recording debut. His jabbing bass notes, well-placed chords, and authoritative attack declare his kinship with Ellington, and also with Thelonious Monk, whose tunes Ibrahim covers from time to time. But those […]

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Traveling Salesman

Age: 28 Rooms: Three. Rent: $1,100 Location: Bucktown How long he’s been here: Moved to the U.S. from England in late September ’01, to this apartment that December. His girlfriend came over and lived with him for a while but moved back to England this past March. “It was a friendly breakup.” Ping-Pong Table: Bought […]

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I just wanted to point out a small name mix-up in your article containing the reviews for the 72 Hour Feature Project films [Movies, Section Two, June 20]. The review for Piece of Mind incorrectly states that the videographer of the film is Jessie Taylor when it is actually Jessie Turner. Steven Legge Chief Editor […]

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Killing Me Softly

Killing Me Softly, ETA Creative Arts Foundation. Gloria J. Browne’s murder mystery has some amusing parts, though it’s far too drawn out and the dialogue includes much unnecessary exposition. But as directed by the usually capable Ilesa Lisa Duncan, the evening is a bore. It begins on a sour note, with an off-key rendition of […]

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Sister 121

Sister 121, Dream Theatre Company, at Journeymen Theater Company. If Ayn Rand had scripted a snuff film, it might have turned out a bit like Jeremy Menekseoglu’s new play, directed by the playwright and John Reents. Set in a home for “abused, disfigured, and unmarried women” in a nameless country where a bloody cultural revolution […]

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TRG Music Listings

ROCK, POP, ETC. includes hip-hop, funk, reggae, zydeco, cabaret, contemporary R&B, and some international pop. DANCE includes techno, house, electronica, ambient, and disco. FOLK & COUNTRY includes bluegrass and traditional Irish music. BLUES, GOSPEL, R&B includes traditional rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie, and deep soul. JAZZ includes ragtime, swing, and fusion. INTERNATIONAL includes Indian classical music, […]

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Sleuth, Organic Theater Company. The primary selling point for this revival of Anthony Shaffer’s 1970 cat-and-mouse thriller is the fact that the cat and mouse are played by father and son actors: Tony Mockus and Tony Mockus Jr. That’s also the primary sticking point, inasmuch as the cat and mouse in this case are sexual […]

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I Demand a Retraction

I am writing to discuss your review of “Big Names on the Street” [Post No Bills] in the June 20 edition of the Reader. I have lived my life traveling to see great music. It has led me to a happier and more pleasurable life existence. I appreciate your review of the bands at Chicago […]

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Starlight Express

Starlight Express, Ford Center for the Performing Arts, Oriental Theatre. This revamped 1984 musical about toy trains that come to life for a championship race wallows in ethnic and sexual stereotypes. The contenders, played by singer-dancers on roller skates, are a strutting Italian-American diesel engine named Greaseball; an electric androgyne, Electra, who sings “AC, DC–OK […]

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Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate, Drury Lane Oakbrook. That giant click you hear is the sound of everything coming together in this revival of Cole Porter’s musical. Fortunately for director Ray Frewen, the script is sparkling, depicting the backstage shenanigans of temperamental thespians, and Tammy Mader’s choreography is unimprovable. Hellion Lilli and egomaniac Fred, modeled on the […]